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Tools for your ascension journey from the 9D Hathor & Archangel Michael consciousness

Grounding Techniques: Why Some Are Better Than Others

The human experience is inherently cerebral.

We are thinking all the time.

Sometimes we are thinking about the now but, more often than not, we are thinking about the past, or the future.

And when our thoughts wander to the past or the future, we lose sight of the present moment, we lose touch with our physical bodies, and we lose control over the trajectory of our lives.

In other words: when we are not in the present moment, we are not living our lives.

It really is as clear-cut as that. ​Time is still passing, but we've put our lives on pause. There is no forward momentum. There is no growth and there is no change.

This is where daily grounding techniques come in.

Grounding techniques help us to refocus

They allow us to reconnect with our body and the moment we are in.

Yes, they are temporarily solutions for a much larger issue that requires its own healing journey - namely, a problematic relationship with the Physical Self - but as temporary measures go, they do work quite well.

I do think that staying in the now is one of the biggest challenges that come with being human. It’s not a question of “being broken” or “doing something wrong” - it’s a question of overcoming our basic biology and the fact that gaining mastership over our thought process, and building symbiosis between the spiritual, psychological and physical, is something we have to train ourselves to do.

And until we have done that, staying in the present and connected to our physical selves is something that we have to constantly remind ourselves to do, throughout the course of every single day that we are here on Earth.

Maintaining healthy connections to our bodies is a learning process, a journey taking a long time to master. This is where a good grounding technique comes in: think of it as a spiritual-level cheat sheet: a tool that you can use until such time that you have achieved that mastership over the self.

A good grounding technique really needs to be at the top of your priority list because it allows you to move forward in your life and to achieve your goals.

​It also needs to be quick and effective because you have to use it quite often and, well, you have other stuff to do with your day 🤷‍♀️

Man sitting on a rock at the beach, watching the sunset
Quiet time in nature is amazing - but it's NOT a good grounding technique

You do not need to "connect to the Earth"

Grounding techniques based on connecting you to the Earth are so misguided that they border on laughable. I mean, I would laugh, if not for the very unfunny point that people are spending literal hours of their lives on a redundant technique.

Grounding is not about connecting to the Earth - this is an absolute misconception.

You are already part of the Earth on a basic sub-atomic molecular level. Your physical body is already always connected to this planet. To this cosmos, even. Every single second of your entire life.

You can be an astronaut orbiting the earth and you are still physically connected to that one tiny pebble at the base of Niagara Falls. To the planetary core. To everything and everyone on the Planet Earth. All the time.

If you are connected with your body, connection to the earth is an automatic process.

Being connected to the planet of your birth is not some kind of technique to master. It's basic molecular science, and spending hours of your life attempting to achieve something that was already always there - I just don't get it 🤷‍♀️

The real issue is that people are not connected with their body. And that makes them feel just, generally disconnected to everything.

Grounding, its true purpose, is about reconnecting you with your physical body.

Men building an irrigation system
Grounding requires the use of your body

Don't get me wrong: connecting with the Earth WILL ground you

I'm just saying that I have serious doubts (and concerns) about the long-term effects of using visualisation work or communing with nature, as a grounding technique.

​Spending time in nature is awesome, absolutely - we should all do it as much as we can 😍 - but this is a completely separate issue having nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Communing with nature is not the same thing as grounding yourself, is what I’m saying. Not unless you're also physically doing something while you're out there.

Communing with nature without the use of your body, is about connection of your consciousness to Gaia (the planetary collective). It is not about connection of your consciousness to your physical body. This is such an important distinction that I feel most people miss.

And, not to state the obvious, but to rely on it for the purposes of grounding is quite simply: impractical.

For the vast majority of people, grounding techniques are a practice that need to be done every single day, usually on multiple occasions throughout the day. Most people do not have the time (or the access, sometimes) to commune with nature throughout their day-to-day lives.

3+ times per day. Every day. In nature. Ponder the feasibility of that for a sec.

​We have to be realistic about the nature of the society in which we live.

​More importantly,

This method also loses sight of the overall goal: which is to teach you to connect with and love your body.

A good grounding technique is one which is

  1. accessible to everyone, irrespective of their lifestyle etc

  2. aligned with the actual goal: connecting you to your physical experience

Grounding is ultimately about building a strong foundation for the growth of your consciousness, for your energy flow and for your life in general.

​A lasting connection to the macrocosm has to begin with a lasting connection within yourself. Forget this first and critical step, and the entire structure crumbles.

So what is the ideal method of grounding?

Honestly guys, not to harp on about exercise, but:

Exercise!!! Exercise!!! Exercise!!!

Children playing with a balloon in the park
Use that body of yours! Make friends with it 😄

My first recommendation will always remain: physical exercise or physical activity of any kind.

Not only does it have amazing and longest-lasting grounding benefits, it has other benefits too, extending into so many areas of your life.

Generally speaking, people who exercise regularly in one way or another do not have to bother with grounding techniques. They are strongly connected to their bodies almost 100% of the time.

That being said: this is a solution which - we have to admit - is not accessible to everyone. I do think it’s accessible to most people, but no: not everyone.

And as I already said: I believe that a good grounding technique should be accessible above all else.

So yes, I have a Plan B solution for you.

Grounding does not have to be complicated, nor does it have to take a lot of your time. I very rarely require them, but when I do: I spend literally 10 seconds of my day on grounding techniques. So can you.

Grounding remains the #1 most important - and most neglected - practice

Let’s face it: Grounding is not a popular topic 😂

A quick scan of my website analytics will show you that this post right here, is my least-viewed, least-popular one. People are just not interested in reading about grounding.

It's common practice in the spiritual/religious community to neglect the body: to see it as a burden, an obstacle, a secondary priority. A lot of people out there are, frankly, perceiving their bodies as “that thing standing in the way between me and the higher dimensions”. It’s a pattern of thinking that I see every damn day - both online and in the real world.

This defeats the whole purpose of incarnation and it actually impedes your spiritual growth and delays your ascension.

​True growth, true enlightenment, is about learning to combine and balance these two seemingly opposite things: the body and the consciousness; the physical and the etheric.

Because the truth is that they are not really opposites at all - and yes, they can be trained to work together seamlessly. Permanently and effortlessly.

Realising that the physical and spiritual self are the same thing - and teaching them to function symbiotically - is the path to true enlightenment.

​Your body deserves the same amount of respect as your soul does. It deserves to also be a priority. And the sooner you start treating it as such, the sooner you will reach your spiritual destination.