You are only as strong as your foundation.


The human experience is inherently cerebral

We are thinking all the time.


Sometimes we are thinking about the now but, more often than not, we are thinking about the past, or the future.

And when our thoughts wander to the past or the future, we lose sight of the present moment, and we lose touch with our physical bodies.

This is a problem, because when we are not in the present moment, we are not living our lives.

Time is still passing, but we've put our lives on pause. There is no forward momentum. There is no growth.

This is where Grounding comes in:

It helps us to refocus: to reconnect with our body and the moment we are in.

I do think that staying in the now is one of the biggest challenges that come with being human.

It's something that we have to constantly remind ourselves to do, throughout the course of every single day that we are here.

Staying connected to our bodies is a learning process, taking a long time to master.

A good grounding technique really needs to be at the top of your priority list because it allows you to move forward and to achieve your goals.

It also needs to be quick and effective because you have to use it quite often and, well, you have other stuff to do.

It is generally understood that Grounding is about connecting you to the Earth. This is a myth.

Grounding, its true purpose, is about reconnecting you with your body

You do not need to "connect to the Earth".

If you are connected with your body, connection to the earth is an automatic process - because your body is a part of the earth.

It's common practice in the spiritual community to neglect the body

To see it as a burden, an obstacle, a secondary priority. That thing standing in the way between you and your goal: the higher dimensions.

This defeats the whole purpose of incarnation and it actually impedes your spiritual growth.

True growth, is about learning to combine and balance these two, seemingly opposite, things: the body and the consciousness, the physical and the energetic. Because the truth is that they are not really opposites at all. And yes, they can be trained to work together.

Learning how to do this - and the realization that they are the same thing - is the path to true enlightenment.

Your body deserves the same amount of respect as your soul does. It deserves to also be a priority.

Don't get me wrong: connecting with the earth will ground you

I'm just saying that I have doubts about the long-term benefits of using this as a grounding technique.

Spending time in nature is wonderful and I fully advocate it. But to rely on this for the purposes of grounding is quite simply: impractical

Grounding is something that needs to be done every single day, usually on multiple occasions throughout the day. Most people do not have the time or the access to commune with nature throughout their day-to-day lives.

We have to be realistic about the nature of the society in which we live.

A good grounding technique is one which is accessible to everyone.

Most importantly,

this method of grounding also loses sight of the overall goal: which is to teach you to connect with and love your body.

Grounding is ultimately about building a strong foundation for the growth of your consciousness, for your energy flow and for your life in general.

A lasting connection to the macrocosm has to begin with a lasting connection within yourself.

Forget this first and critical step and the entire structure crumbles.

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