my healing techniques:

Soul Retrieval 

(Dissociation Healing)

What is Soul Retrieval?

This ancient Shamanic practice deals with healing Soul Loss (known as Dissociation in Psychology).


More info on Dissociation, and how it differs to Soul Loss, is coming soon to this site. For now, the main difference that I want to stress is that Psychology does not recognize the concept of reincarnation, nor the idea that dissociation can extend to past-lifetime experiences. The Shamanic concept of Soul Loss, on the other hand, does take this into account. 

During a Soul Retrieval session, the practitioner, using traditional Shamanic journeying techniques, and together with a spiritual team of helpers (guides, totems, ancestors, etc), searches for the lost pieces of your soul in the spirit realm, and returns them to you. 

Reintegration of the lost pieces into the energetic body, creates a feeling of completeness and wholeness on an emotional level.

Unlike modern Psychology treatments, as well as other (alternative) forms of healing Dissocation (such as Past Life Regression), Soul Retrieval is done for you, by the practitioner, with little or no effort on your part.


In other words, it allows you to heal Dissociation in areas of your life that are too traumatic or painful to be consciously dealt with at this time.


While long-term treatments do exist, there is currently no known "cure" for Dissociation in western medicine.

How is my technique different?

Traditional Soul Retrieval is a very lengthy process.

Not only does it take considerable time and skill to locate the "missing pieces", but because the practitioner is doing this procedure in the lower spirit realms (usually the 4th dimension), restoring them can be complicated and difficult, and requires great skill on the part of the practitioner.

I do this procedure from a much higher level of reality (6th-9th dimensions). It uncomplicates the process a great deal.

From the level of the angelic realms, the missing pieces of your psyche are clearly visible within your energetic body. Because of this, I'm able to find the traumatic event almost immediately, saving a great deal of time.

My main focus during the process is not on location or restoration, but rather on healing the trauma related to the event itself.