The Dimensions: What They Are & Where You Fit In

A dimension is a level of consciousness or perception. It is not a different "place".

  • All existence is made up of 11 dimensions.

  • The dimensions exist independently and also simultaneously as one cohesive whole. Like the layers of an onion.

Our soul's consciousness exists across ALL dimensions, whether we are aware of them or not.

Does the idea of existing in multiple dimensions sound strange or supernatural?

It really isn't. We all do it, every moment of every day, without realizing we are doing it.

For example: think about the last time you were driving your car:

  1. You were operating the vehicle (1st - 3rd dimensional consciousness)

  2. You were following a route (3rd dimensional consciousness) which you were either figuring out as you went along, or had pre-planned, or were following from memory (either way, all 4th dimensional consciousness)

  3. Maybe you had someone in the car with you and you were having a conversation about something? (3rd dimensional consciousness)

  4. Maybe you were also thinking about your day, in the back of your mind? (4th dimensional consciousness)

  5. You may have also been coming up with possible solutions to a problem you are having at work? (4th dimensional consciousness)

  6. You may even have been having a daydream (or several), all at the same time (4th dimensional consciousness)

Most importantly: Steps 1 - 6 were all happening independently and AT THE SAME TIME. And you did it all without ever losing control of your vehicle.

That's a perfectly "normal" example of how we function in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

This is how consciousness works. The details may change depending on what level on consciousness you are dealing with, but the experience is just like this: fluidity, total control and a feeling of it being the most natural thing in the world. Functioning in multiple dimensions is what we are all built for.

What separates one dimension from the next?

In a word: FREQUENCY

The way we perceive anything is wholly dependent on the frequency at which it vibrates vs the frequency at at which we are vibrating.

We see evidence of this all around us:

Science shows us that there is really no such thing as "solid" objects. What appears as solid to us is really particles that are vibrating at a lower frequency than, say, a liquid. In the same way, a liquid is made up of particles that are vibrating at a lower frequency than a gas.

  • everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency

  • the higher the dimension, the higher the frequency it vibrates at

  • the higher the frequency, the less "solid" everything becomes

  • the less solid something is, the easier it becomes to manipulate

  • the higher the frequency of something, the less it is forced to obey the laws of Classic Physics, and the more it obeys the laws of Quantum Physics

  • This is why "impossible" things are possible, in higher dimensions

Frequency affects our perception of our entire existence, everything (and everyone) around us.

The frequency of our own consciousness affects our perception of that which is at a different frequency, as well as our ability to interact with and/or alter it.

Continuing the example above:

A gas substance is more easily able to permeate and interact with a solid or liquid, than the other way around. For instance: look at the way you can use fire to alter water and how much control you have over that process and how far you want that change to go. You can control the amount of heat applied and how long you want the water to heat for, which will determine what happens to that water. You can even reverse the heating process by reducing the amount of heat exposure to the water.

But, the water - while it does have some ability to interact with that fire - is limited in what it can do to it: let it burn as it pleases, or snuff it out. There are limitations to what you can do with that water.

The higher frequency substance (in this case, fire) has more power and control than its lower frequency counterpart (in this case, water) does.

Apply heat to water for long enough and that water evaporates completely. It turns from a liquid to a gas - i.e. its vibrational frequency is altered, causing it's every nature to change. This is the power that higher frequencies have over lower frequencies.

Levels of consciousness interact with each other in exactly the same way.

What does each dimension look like?

For a detailed read on the dimensions, check out my Comprehensive Guide To The Levels Of Consciousness - it's all about what each dimension looks and feels like, and what treasures are found in each one;)

Where does Human consciousness fit in?

That really depends on two things:

  1. The individual - because, literally, no two individuals are in exactly the same place, developmentally-speaking.

  2. What type of consciousness you are talking about:


Exists in ALL dimensions simultaneously

Extends far beyond what you are aware of, in your normal waking state

Can be accessed via alpha (meditative) state, with regular practice


What you are aware of in your daily life - i.e. the level where you "live" in your normal waking state & what you perceive with your body, mind and senses

Exists up to, and including, the highest level of growth you have reached so far

Determines which dimensions you can access (how far up you can go) when in alpha (meditative) state

The collective consciousness on Earth is typically vibrating at a 3rd dimensional level. But, the coming decades and centuries are a transitional time for Earth's collective consciousness as it slowly phases from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness.

In practical terms, this means daily and frequent fluctuations between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness for most Earthlings - continuing well into the foreseeable future (the coming decades, and even centuries).

Navigating the dimensions

I think it's safe to say that for many of us, as soon as we become aware of the existence of higher dimensions, our first reaction is to want to go out and explore them immediately.

Of course, we do this already on an unconscious level, but that's not the goal, is it? The goal is to achieve this is in a conscious state. But, for most people, this presents a problem because they don't know where to start.

The answer is simple, though: Meditation. Lots and lots of meditation.

The rest takes care of itself: your consciousness already wants to expand and show you what it is capable of, and it will figure your journey out for you, as soon as you open the door and show your willingness to participate.

Navigating the dimensions is a personal experience and unique for each of us, because what we are really doing is navigating the realms of our own, very vast, consciousness.

Another part of what makes the experience unique is that the levels we are able to access is wholly dependent on our own level of growth in that moment. In other words:

the higher your level of physical consciousness, the further you are able to go, and the more complex and profound the experience becomes

How will you know you're in a different dimension?

Believe me, you'll know, because although you are not in a different "place", it really does feel like you are. The entire nature of what you consider to be "reality" changes. The way you think and feel changes. The way you perceive and experience your body changes. There are also tactile differences: changes in temperature, in the "feel" of the atmosphere around you, etc. In other words: the way you experience your physical senses changes. As you move into higher levels of consciousness, senses you've never experienced before, or didn't know existed, begin to open themselves up to you - and you have to learn how to understand and use them.

It's quite wonderful, really:)

Raising your own level of consciousness so that these changes become permanent

What causes us to vibrate at a specific frequency? The level of our physical consciousness (the level you are at in your daily life)

So, how do we raise our frequency - and the dimension we "live" in? We do it by raising our level of physical consciousness.

That isn't something that "just happens" to us. It's something that we achieve through personal effort and inner healing.

No shortcuts. No quick fix solutions. Nothing worth having ever falls in your lap. Not ever. It is earned through hard work and effort - and lots and lots of self-discovery.

For a detailed read on the dimensions, check out my Comprehensive Guide To The Levels Of Consciousness - it's all about what each dimension looks and feels like, and what treasures are found in each one;)

***On a related note:

The different levels are there for a reason: to provide you with a safe way to expand your consciousness, one step at a time. Their existence protects you from accessing too much, too quickly - which can be harmful. This is why I strongly advocate against artificial methods of dimensional travel, like psychedelic drugs, which bypass the physical consciousness. Stick to meditation. It will get you to the SAME PLACE. Safely.