my healing techniques:

Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering?

This term is usually only applied to man-made things (usually machines):

Simply put, it means to break something down into its components, in order to understand how it works, to see what is not working correctly or to understand how to put it back together again.

How do I apply it to your healing process?

The way I see it, our bodies are machines, too.

They are made up of independent components that function together as a cohesive whole. When one of those components isn't functioning correctly, the whole system (our body) begins to break down.

It makes sense to me to apply this philosophy to your healing process. To examine your body at a component-level in order to find out exactly what's not working as it should be. Find the exact parts that are causing the problem, and to remove them or rebuild them into parts that are functioning correctly. Then, to put everything back together again into a body that's functioning as it should be.

Western medicine has a good idea of how our physical bodies are put together, what functions each of its components perform and what happens to us when they are not working correctly. New information is being discovered every day but, overall, a lot is already known.

The challenge it faces is in finding treatments for making the necessary corrections that it knows are needed. Some components in our bodies are too small or too complex to simply remove or alter using current medical treatments. A lot of the time this is because the equipment or medication needed to carry this out, just doesn't exist yet.

I have the advantage of working on your energetic self, from a higher dimensional state. At those levels of reality, and because I am not working directly with your physical body, I am able to bypass these physical limitations that still exist in our world.