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I am a planetary healer,

channeling physical healing, karmic clearing and energetic upgrades to the planet directly via the 6th-9th dimensions (the divine levels of consciousness).

It was the reason for my birth (the reason I am here).

It's part of my daily routine and it's completely self-funded.

I have been working on this project since birth, and I'm going to continue working on it for the rest of my life. So what I'm saying is that it means a lot to me.

If you're thinking that I'm talking about straightforward environmental work: you'd be wrong

not that that isn't important too - of course it is - but there are already loads of environmental heroes and organizations out there already doing a great job with this. And, frankly, my talents are better suited elsewhere.

My professional focus, this project, is on healing the underlying social structures that are responsible for this system of disrepair in the first place.

It's on making this problem go away for good. Healing the source.


Awareness and empathy towards the collective should be a basic human instinct. Equality, compassion and love should be a basic right of every living being on this planet.

City aerial view

How do we create the kind of world we all dream of?

I believe the only solution is in human evolution - and, to a lesser extent, the evolution of every other living being on this planet.

Why to a lesser extent?

Because they are not the ones responsible for the imbalance. They are its victims.

It starts with healing the disassociative state that is the norm today: Human disassociation from other humans. Other species. Their environment at large. Their Earth. Their Cosmos.

It starts with healing that mistaken perception of separation.

Human societal structures are built on a foundation of disassociation,

but separation is an illusion.

We hurt another and we inadvertently hurt ourselves. There is a macrocosm at play. 

Our entire society is built on a lie. 

I believe that the key to creating the world we want, is to shatter that lie. That can only be achieved through the raising of the global human consciousness - by accelerating the human evolutionary process.

Can planetary-level evolution really be accelerated?

Hell yes.

I'm not saying this is easy. It will take time. And a lot of effort.

But yes, the evolutionary process can be facilitated. You just need to know how.

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How does it work, logistically?

Some of the work, I do remotely - I am a remote healer, after all, and a chunk of my day is spent on remote planetary healing.

However, the area I am physically in receives a much greater benefit - because it receives higher dimensional energies ALL THE TIME, because my body acts as a portal between this level of reality and the angelic realms.

I am literally pushing high frequency energy out into my surroundings, all the time, regardless of what else I am up to.

So: in order to do this work to the best of my ability, I have to move around.

I live in, and travel to, areas around the planet where social structures are most in need of repair, particularly with regards to inequality and discrimination.

I know what you're thinking: But that's EVERYWHERE! My answer to that is: yes and no.

Yes, every place has social structure problems. But, there are areas around the planet where these structures are having a greater global impact. They are more critical in that particular moment in time because they are triggering more significant chain reactions throughout the rest of the world. 

This is not a static thing. Different geological areas move into focus at different times. It's a constant, fluid shift, and every area gets its 15 minutes, sooner or later.

A layman's guide to my healing process:

  • I clear out all releasable Karmic energy - Karma is the energy which creates cycles throughout history. If it isn't cleared out it can take decades, even longer, to dissipate on its own. It can even reattach itself somewhere else and play out all over again.

  • I remove energetic barriers to change and progress. This breaks down repetitive cycles and facilitates the change process around the world. It also helps to stabilize volatile situations around the globe and prevents them from worsening.

  •  I channel, then anchor, high frequency energies into the planet's core - which then filters back up into the cells of every living creature on the planet. This, in turn:

  • raises the global collective consciousness​


  • stimulates and accelerates healing and growth - not just for the planet but for everyone on it


  • awakens the Gaia consciousness in this level of reality (they're still pretty much asleep and, believe me, your life will be infinitely better when they are wide awake)


  • speeds up individual and planetary evolution

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Slavery Karma

And when I say Slavery, I mean the FULL extent of this word: the subjugation of one being, by another, for any reason. I'm talking about historical (racial) as well as contemporary forms of slavery: the taking of power on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, nationality, socio-economic status, species, or anything else I may have forgotten to mention here.

This one is my #1 priority.

First of all, equality should be a basic right. This shouldn't even need to be stated.

Secondly, the payoff will be HUGE.

Clearing this Karma will take decades but when done, it will lead to unprecedented freedom and a major evolutionary step for everyone on the planet. 

It will change society as we know it. In short, it will make the planet inhabitable.

Endangered & Abused Children and Animals


Political Instabilities

Environmental Support

Inter-Species Communication

Since birth, I have been able to communicate with ALL forms of life on this planet, including Earth's consciousness (Gaia).

It breaks my heart to witness the communication gaps that exist between different species on Earth, and I am very passionate about bridging them.

You can all already understand each other, you've just forgotten how to hear it.

I do also have some specific areas of focus: