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Karmic Clearing

How does your Karmic energy affect your well-being?

It creates persistent cycles in your life.

Karma is always negative (yes, even "good karma' is inherently negative -check out my post on the subject here.)

Karma is too complex a concept, and can take too many different forms, to list examples of its effects on your well-being, here.

As a rule of thumb though, it always creates cycles in your life from which you strongly want to be separated, but which you feel somehow "powerless" to alter. This means that, regardless of the specific circumstances, it has a great effect on your physical and psychological state of being.

Contrary to popular belief, Karma is not a natural state of being. It absolutely can be eliminated.

It creates unhealthy and/or negative thinking and behavioral patterns:

For starters: that will make you absolutely miserable. But even more importantly, negative thinking and behavioral patterns can also directly, or indirectly, lead to health problems. This is because all illness has a psychological or emotional source.

It can cause psychological and/or physical conditions or illness:

Karmic energy can also create illness directly.

The most obvious example of this is in the case of karmic debt repayment, but it can also be more subtle than that. For example, a person carrying large amounts of karmic trauma can create illness in there bodies through a psychological "reliving" of the traumatic event. 

I'm certainly not saying that all illness is due to Karma,

only that it is one of the possible causes and must be routinely checked for.

In the event where karmic energy is the root cause of your illness or condition, I will clear and remove the karmic imprint from your energetic self, during your session.

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