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Karma: A Comprehensive Introduction

Your Energetic Footprint & How To Reduce It


We all know this WORD - we use it in everyday language - but how well is it understood in our society? Looking around me, I see that: not very well, at all.

The concept is as old as life itself - but in the West, through the advent of modern religions, our name for it is long since lost to us.

We borrow the word Karma from Eastern religions - because we no longer have a word of our own - but the concept itself, is not a religious one.

The concept, is much bigger than religion.

So, all religious associations aside, I want to talk about Karma:

What it really is. How it’s created and passed on through generations. How it impacts our lives. What you can do to reduce yours – and why you need to start right now.

What is Karma, really?

Let’s start with what it is NOT:

It is NOT a system of punishment and reward.

It is NOT a “bank account with deposits and withdrawals”.

These are myths at best; misinformation at worst.

Karma is your energetic footprint. It is the empowered future you deny yourself. The legacy you leave behind: to your family, to your community, to your planet.

Karma creates an energetic “fog” around you and makes it difficult for you to see and realise your full potential.

Most importantly: it is not a compulsory or natural state of being.

You have the ability to clear and remove ALL your Karma, and to be free of it once and for all.

Right now, more so than ever before, global energies are actually facilitating Karmic release.

But Isn't “Good Karma” a good thing to have?

It’s really not.

Obviously, if forced to choose between “good” and “bad” Karma, I’m going for the former – everyone wants nice things to happen to them, and yes, “good” Karma means you are receiving good.

But here’s the thing:

ALL Karma, whether “good” or “bad”, is energetic baggage you do not want, because it dictates your life – your path, your relationships, all of it.

What you REALLY want is to be in total control of your destiny.

Karma is a contract system of cause and effect that becomes unnecessary once it is fully cleared

An individual with a Karmic footprint of zero has the ability to create their own reality and future, as they see fit. They are empowered and in control of their lives.

And, the nice things that happen to them are not created as a result of their suffering, or the suffering of others.

Doing A “Good Deed” Does NOT Create “Good Karma”

That is a concept called “The Law of Attraction” – having nothing whatsoever to do with Karma.

“Good” Karma is only created through suffering. Here’s a simple example of how it works:

A long while back:

  • Joe steals Bob’s horse.

  • Bob is heartbroken over the loss of his horse. His horse was his best friend. Also, he is a cowboy, and without his horse, cannot earn a living. His life is thrown into financial chaos.

  • Joe now has “bad” Karma. Bob has some “good” karma – but frankly, doesn’t care. Good Karma is not putting food on his table. Good Karma is not bringing his horse buddy back. He doesn’t want good Karma in his piggy bank, he wants his horse back.

How Karma is created

Now, in the next lifetime:

  • Tom’s been having a really rough time finding work since getting laid off. He’s now had to sell his car to keep his bills down.

  • Miraculously, his dream job appears out of nowhere and he rejoices. This is the answer to all his prayers. But, then he realizes the job is too far away, now that he is no longer a vehicle owner. He is sad.

  • His neighbor, Jim, happens to work nearby! What a happy coincidence!! Jim offers him a ride to work for a couple of months until Tom is able to buy himself a car.

  • Jim and Tom actually can’t stand each other. Both men are confused by Jim’s offer to help.

  • Tom is grateful for the help, but not thrilled at the prospect of having to spend a daily car ride with Jim (that guy just bugs him)

  • Jim is bitter and resentful over the loss of his personal space. He wishes he hadn’t impulsively offered to help. But, for some reason, he also can’t bring himself to withdraw his offer, so he goes through on the promise, even though it makes him sick to his stomach.

There is no "winner" with Karma

Tom and Jim don’t remember their past lives as Joe and Bob. They can’t see the big picture.

If Joe hadn’t stolen the horse, Tom would not have lost his job and needed a ride to work. This unhappy event was created to clear the Karma.

No one got anything extra out of this deal.

This is how Karma works. There is no “winner”. “Good Karma” is not a prize to be won. It is a burden and the by-product of suffering

Let's assume that this was enough to "settle the debt":

Tom and Jim don’t know it but their Karma is STILL not cleared. Because both men are bitter and resentful over the inconvenience to their lives they are still hanging on to that Karmic energy.

Most Karmic contracts actually turn into vicious cycles that can continue indefinitely:

Six weeks into Tom & Jim’s daily commute:

  • It’s Tom’s birthday. He goes out with his friends and oversleeps the next morning. Both men are now 45 min late for work.

  • Jim gets fired for being late. He’s bitter and resentful towards Tom, blaming Tom for the loss of his job. (Technically, Jim was already on thin ice with his boss and this was just the last straw. But, Jim doesn’t see it that way)

  • Tom feels terrible, he knows he’s (at least partly) to blame, but there’s nothing he can do about it. On the plus side, he has his paycheck and can buy himself that car. He doesn’t need Jim’s help anymore. He figures “Oh well – that’s life”.

Now, the Karmic contract has been exacerbated.

Most of the time, this is what happens with Karma. It is a cycle that continues on and on, creating more and more pain and misery - until someone has enough foresight and wisdom to willfully put a stop to it.

How Is Karma Created?

We create Karma when we wrong someone - and I don’t just mean other Humans.

Karma doesn’t care what species you are.

You can wrong another animal, too. You can even create planetary Karma for yourself, for example by dumping garbage in the river (and harming the planet).

The solution is simple, right? MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.

But here’s the catch: Karmic energy can actually push you towards crappy decisions because it clouds your judgement. Karma has a tendency to snowball.

We create Karma when we feel guilty or blame ourselves for something, even if it is NOT actually our fault.

I kid you not. Guilt, on an energetic level, creates a “request for punishment”, so to speak. Energy doesn’t care if you deserve it or not – what matters is that you believe you do.

We create Karma when our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are not in alignment.

For example, if you tell a lie. Or, if you do not stand up for yourself, or your beliefs. Or, if you do nothing when you witness someone else being wronged.

How Is Karma Stored & Carried?

It is carried as part of our Soul Contracts.

i.e. We are born carrying all our unresolved Karma left over from previous incarnations.

This has been repackaged as “original sin” by the Catholic Church, although, in reality, Karma it is far more complex than that. Everyone gets a different bag. These days, a very small number of babies are even being born with NO Karma at all.

It is carried genetically.

Babies are also born imprinted with the unresolved Karma of their parents.

We see scientific evidence of this, today:

Young generation Jews are born with Holocaust P.T.S.D. (there have been studies proving this). Black Americans are carrying pain and trauma of slavery.

Their suffering is REAL. They may not have physically experienced these events, but are experiencing them regardless, on a cellular and energetic level.

It is carried geographically.

Areas around the planet where mass-level wrongdoing has been perpetrated are imprinted with the Karma of that event.

For example:

Slavery Karma – pretty much everywhere but especially North America

Environmental Karma in Africa and Asia

  • It is carried by the planet – which is imprinted with the Karma of all its inhabitants.

Bad for the planet? HELL YES. But, this is just how it works: everything is connected. We are the planet. The planet is us. Healing the planet starts with healing the individual.

How Does Your Karma Impact Your Life?

That really depends on your specific Karma.

What’s important to note is that the overall impact is ALWAYS NEGATIVE.

Even if you are receiving good,

  • You experience limitations in designing or controlling your present and your future

  • Having karmic energy around you impairs your judgement (which can lead to MORE karma)

Most Human Relationships Today, Are Karmic In Nature

A karmic relationship is always dysfunctional.

The degree or level of the dysfunction may vary depending on the specific Karmic energy of each case, but a Karmic relationship always contains some aspects of the below:

  • Polarization (co-dependency vs seeking freedom)

  • Abuse

  • Exploitation

  • Neglect

  • Madonna-Whore Complex (separation of love from sexuality)

  • Imbalance of power (irrespective of whether or not this is recognized and/or exploited)

  • A cycle within the relationship, which keeps repeating

  • Bringing about feelings of: hate/blame/guilt/tension/uncertainty/frustration/hopelessness etc - but being unable to end the relationship despite this

Breaking a Karmic cycle is difficult

but it can be done. It comes through forgiveness: Forgiving others. Forgiving ourselves. Acceptance and moving on.

We - and our society - may not recognize it as such, but all Karmic energy is created through some form of trauma.

"Settling the debt" does not make the pain inflicted, magically disappear from your cellular memory (your soul-level memory).

Emotions do not work that way. Energy, does not work that way.

Even after a Karmic contract is physically "settled", its energetic imprints can - and do - remain in your energy field - until you let that pain go.

From an internal perspective, clearing your Karma is essentially a grieving process.

For example:

The lives of Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr., are two great examples of effective Karma resolution - in this case: Slavery Karma.

Not only did they work through their own Karmic trauma in a very short amount of time, they did it so well that their internal process actually acted as an energetic catalyst, on a geographical and planetary level:

Their actions (and the actions of others like them) triggered planetary-level Slavery Karmic release, that will continue for the next several decades. We can even see evidence of this today, in everyday current events.

Karma Resolution & The 7 Stages Of Grief

Karma is a form of trauma and we have to work through it as we would any other trauma: through the 7 Stages of Grief.

Diagram: Karma Resolution & The 7 Stages of Grief

What makes Karma resolution extra tricky is that you are not usually consciously aware of it.

How To Identify & Clear Your Own Karma

You can go it alone

Everything you need to know is already stored in your consciousness. It’s all there, in your unconscious mind.

Most importantly: your unconscious mind is already trying to tell you what you need to know! You just have to learn to listen.

So, how do we listen to our unconscious minds?

1. Finding the puzzle pieces:

  • Start a dream journal and look for clues or patterns in your dreams. Your unconscious mind is trying to communicate with you through the use of dream imagery.

  • Look for (dysfunctional in nature) patterns or cycles that keep repeating in your life. They are trying to tell you something.

Of course, your unconscious mind is sending you clues about all sorts of things - not just Karma. The next step is about sorting through all the information and putting it into context:

2. Putting the pieces together to see a bigger picture:

  • Meditation techniques

  • Regression techniques

3. Getting started on clearing that Karma:

  • Karmic release techniques -i.e. asking for higher-dimensional assistance to clear your karma for you. They may or may not do it, depending on your specific situation and whether or not the lessons have been learned.

You can get some outside assistance:

Yes, there are people out there who are trained to do this for you!

(Disclaimer: I am one of them)

You can receive 3rd party Karmic mediation through techniques such as Soul Retrieval (healing the actual trauma) and Karmic Clearing (clearing the actual Karmic contract).

Whichever method you choose to take,

I want to emphasize the very first step in the process:

Simply setting a conscious intention to work through your Karmic energy, is key.

That commitment will unlock doors for you, and the pieces will start falling into place.

We Are In An Age Of Karmic Purge

In the coming decades, our planet will continue to experience intense energetic transformations. Part of this process is the purging of energetic baggage: Karma.

Karmic cycles are repeating in much shorter successions than ever before.

Consequences are coming hard and fast. They’ll become even harder and faster in the future, as the pressure for energetic release intensifies.

This generation is receiving an unprecedented opportunity to reduce their energetic footprint.

These planetary energies are trying to HELP you. Their purpose is to facilitate your path to energetic freedom.

Work with them, rather than against them, and you will reap the benefits.