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Tools for your ascension journey from the 9D Hathor & Archangel Michael consciousness

An Introduction to the Dimensions

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What are the dimensions really? How do they fit together? And why do we each perceive them so differently?

All your questions answered, right here.

What is a dimension?

A dimension is a level of consciousness or perception. It is not a different "place".

All existence is made up of 11 dimensions.

The dimensions exist independently and also simultaneously as one cohesive unit. Like the spokes of a wheel.

Our soul's consciousness exists across ALL dimensions. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fully awakened or accessible to us across all dimensions - but I’ll get into that in a bit.

Does the idea of existing across multiple dimensions seem complicated?

It really isn't. We all do it, every moment of every day, without realising we are doing it.

Let’s use “driving a car” as a very basic example of how the different dimensions work together.

Man driving a car, with a passenger with him
Driving a car is a multi-dimensional action!

Think about what happens while you drive:

  1. You are physically operating the vehicle (1st & 3rd dimensions)

  2. You are driving the car on a road (1st & 3rd dimensions) while following your route, which you are either:

  3. figuring out as you go along (4th dimension)

  4. or had pre-planned with GPS (1st ,3rd and 4th dimensions)

  5. or are following from memory (4th dimension)

  6. Maybe you have someone in the car with you and you are talking to them? (3rd dimensional physical act of talking, using 4th dimensional thinking and probably influenced by 2nd dimensional ego and/or trauma)

  7. Maybe you are also thinking about your day, in the back of your mind? (2nd & 4th dimensions)

  8. You may have also be coming up with possible solutions to a problem you are having at work? (2nd & 4th dimensions)

  9. You may even have been having a daydream or two, all at the same time (4th dimension)

Steps 1 - 6 are all happening independently and at the same time. And you did it all without ever losing control of your vehicle. And it feels completely natural. Mundane, even.

That's a perfectly "normal" example of how we function in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

This is how consciousness works.

The specifics do change depending on what level on consciousness you are currently at and how far along your awakening journey you are.

Most human beings function consciously only within a limited dimensional spectrum - most commonly 1D-4D, and occasionally extending into 5D. For a tiny percentage of people, the spectrum is bigger. But I’ll get more into that, too.

The point to note right now, is that whatever your personal dimensional spectrum currently is, the experience there is always just like this car example: fluidity, total control and a feeling of it being the most natural, normal thing in the world.

Functioning in multiple dimensions is what we are all built for - but we are not all functioning at the same level of consciousness, and we each experience our own dimensional spectrum as the most normal, comfortable, or “real” version of reality.

What separates one dimension from the next?

In a word: frequency.

The way we perceive anything is wholly dependent on the frequency at which it vibrates vs the frequency at at which we are vibrating.

We see evidence of this all around us. We start to learn about it in 2nd grade Science class - The 3 States of Matter - but I think, most people do not make this specific connection and how it all relates to dimensional perception. So let’s do that, here.

A piece of lemon falling into a glass of water. The water is displaced and splashes up out of the glass into the air.
The 3 States of Matter: Solid / Liquid / Gas - Dimensions interact in a similar way!

Science shows us that there is really no such thing as "solid" objects.

What appears as “solid” to us is really billions of sub-atomic particles that are vibrating closely together - and they are doing that because they are at a lower frequency than, say, a liquid.

In other words: the lower the vibrational frequency of a molecule, the more closely those molecules will group themselves together, and the more “solid” they appear to us, when we look at them as a group.

In the same way, a liquid is made up of particles that are vibrating at a lower frequency than a gas.

With a gas, the particles are vibrating at highest frequency in the physical world - to such an extent that we “solid” humans cannot touch them, and usually cannot see them either.

We need special equipment and/or training just to be able to detect, identify and understand the contents of a gas, because it extends beyond the scope of our own natural physical perception.

And, in the same way, we have to train our physical bodies to see and understand higher states of consciousness!

Physical beings need special training and equipment to understand & safely interact with high frequency energy

So how does that same concept translate into our perception of the dimensions?

  • everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency

  • the higher the dimension, the higher the frequency it vibrates at

  • the higher the frequency, the less "solid" everything becomes

  • the less solid something is, the more invisible it becomes to lower frequencies, and the more power it has to permeate and alter those lower frequency substances

  • the higher the frequency of something, the less it is forced to obey the laws of Classic Physics, and the more it obeys the laws of Quantum Physics

This is why “impossible” things are possible in higher dimensions.

It’s also why, not everyone can perceive higher-dimensional energy - and why, even if they do perceive it, they may not be able to understand it.

Frequency affects our perception of our entire existence, ourselves, everything and everyone around us.

Our personal frequency affects our relationship with the dimensions

The frequency of our consciousness affects our perception of other frequencies and dimensions.

But, the frequency of our physical body is more important, because it affects our ability to interact with and/or control them.

This is why ascension is such a big deal: because with ascension, your physical vibration is raised, your body’s frequency is raised and the dimension in which you physically live, changes. Permanently. And that gives you infinitely more control over your life and the nature of your reality.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s continue the Science example, to better explain:

Boiling water on a gas burner, in nature
Gases have much more control over liquids, than the other way around

It’s much easier for a gas substance to permeate or interact with a solid or liquid, than the other way around.

Higher-frequency energies have much more power and control, is what I mean.

For instance: look at the way you can use fire (a gas) to manipulate water (a liquid) and how much control you have over that entire process. You can control the amount of heat applied and how long you want the water to heat for, and that determines what happens to that water.

You can make that water boil, but only if you want to. If you want to raise the temperature only slightly, you can do that too. You have full control over the process simply through the correct use of the higher frequency gas substance (fire).

You can even reverse the boiling process by reducing the amount of heat exposure to the water. So many options.

But, the water - while it does have some ability to interact with that fire - is limited in what it can do to it: let it burn as it pleases, or snuff it out completely. Water has the ability to interact with gas, but it doesn’t have that level of control that gas has.

A firefighter putting out a fire
We have limited control over higher frequency energies!

The higher frequency substance (in this example, fire) has more power and control than its lower frequency counterpart does.

This is also why contact with higher dimensions will trigger an awakening process and/or ascension.

Let’s continue with the science example, to explain that:

Apply fire to water for long enough and that water evaporates completely. The water’s molecular frequency level is raised and it transforms from a liquid to a gas. It ascends to a higher vibrational frequency.

This is the power that higher frequencies have over lower frequencies.

Levels of consciousness, the dimensions, interact with each other in exactly the same way.

What does each dimension look like?

My guided tour of the dimensions is a very detailed description of what you will find in each dimension - and much too long to include here — so I have included only a high-level outline in this post for those of you who don’t have the time to read extensively. But if you do have the time, I highly recommend doing the tour ☺️

The 1st Dimension is your sub-atomic molecular world: sub-atomic particles, quantum particles etc.

The 2nd Dimension is an astral plane and the level of ego: ego attachments, trauma imprints, etc

The 3rd Dimension is the physical world experienced by most (but not all) earthlings.

The 4th Dimension is an astral plane and the consciousness of the 3D world. In other words, it holds the thoughts and feelings and memories of those people who are in physical 3D. Dreaming happens here, too.

3D is a linear-time dimension and this is why the physical and the etheric are split into 3 dimensions here on Earth (2nd, 3rd and 4th): because thoughts and feelings do not function in a linear pattern and cannot exist in the 3D space with the body.

But they also exist at a much higher frequency than your ego attachments, and are dimensionally separated from that too. It’s also why trauma and ego takes effort to access.

The 5th Dimension is the higher-level physical world, home to evolved civilisations, but is also an astral plane at the same time. Time (and the rules of physics) are experienced in a more fluid manner. Duality and karmic energy still exists here, but it is experienced differently to 3D and people have a much higher level of control over their lives.

The 6th - 8th Dimensions are an astral plane and the levels holding Divine Consciousness. These are the dimensions from which Divine Beings (Ascended Masters, Angels etc) perform high-level work on the physical world: creation of life through conscious control over the physical evolutionary process, overseeing and assisting physical beings, guardianship over soul contracts, providing of guidance and teachings, healing work, etc.

The 9th Dimension is the bridge between the Divine Realms and Source, because it encompasses both. In other words, 9D Beings are part of and perform the same functions as Source, but also oversee divine-level functions on Source’s behalf.

Source does not, cannot, communicate directly with the physical world - and one of the primary functions of 9th Dimensional Beings is to act as the messengers and translators for Source decisions and communications.

9th - 10th Dimensions are an astral plane for Source (the universal collective consciousness, what some people call “God”). The difference between the two is that:

9D represents the “I AM Presence”: the God Consciousness experienced as a smallish group of individual souls and messengers for 10D: Gods, Goddesses and Archangels.

While 9D does contain every soul in existence, it’s important to understand that not every soul here is awake and conscious as a 9th Dimensional Being. This is something achieved slowly, over billions of years of soul evolution and ascension.

So, while all souls exist here in 9D, they do not necessarily function here as an awakened being. In other words: the belief that everyone is a God or Goddess is simply not true.

10D represents the “WE ARE Presence”: the God Consciousness as experienced as the merged universal collective. Every soul in existence merged into one entity, in other worlds.

10D is where all decisions are made.

And again, not all souls living in this level are fully conscious. So what I mean is: a soul may merge into Source (i.e. “go to heaven”) when it reaches 6D divinity but unless they have ascended to 9D god consciousness as an independent entity, they do not participate in the decision-making process that happens at this level. Rather, they will live in 10D in a more passive, peaceful way, not involving themselves in the goings on of the physical world.

The 11th Dimension is a physical plane and the creation platform for Source. This is the physical platform for the 10D consciousness, existing out of time and is where all things in existence are created. 11D is the dimension that String Theory - and the Creation of the universe - can be witnessed from.

It goes on to link to the 1st Dimension: sub-atomic particles. Like I said, the dimensions resemble a wheel, not a ladder ☺️

NASA image of space
Any one of us can watch Creation in action - we just have to train our bodies to access 11D

Where does Human consciousness fit in?

Contrary what the internet will have you believe, there is no clear-cut answer that's true for everyone.

It really depends on two things:

  1. The individual - because, literally, no two human beings are in exactly the same place, developmentally-speaking.

  2. What type of consciousness you are talking about - because, most physical beings have a total of 3 completely separate consciousness levels.

Infographic: high-level outline of the 3 types of consciousness

Your SOUL Consciousness (I AM Presence) :

Exists in ALL dimensions simultaneously but is anchored in the 9th dimension - which is the highest level of consciousness an individual identity can be experienced from.

Your I AM Presence may or may not be conscious (awakened). Not everyone has an awakened I AM Presence - and in fact, the vast majority in this galaxy do not. This is because this galaxy is still pretty young, comparatively speaking.

Awakening of your I AM Presence happens when your Higher Self ascends to God Consciousness (9D). The Higher Self merges with the I AM Presence to become Source: a God/Goddess. It’s the result of eons of soul evolution and physical life experiences, and not everyone has reached this stage in their soul journey.

Your HIGHER SELF Consciousness

This is the sentient, self-actualised part of your soul: the highest level of ascension that your soul has achieved, at this point in time.

Depending on their current phase of soul evolution, your Higher Self may be located anywhere between 4D to 9D.

Until you yourself have ascended to that same level, your Higher Self is not you - they exist as a separated consciousness and extend far beyond what you are aware of - and capable of - in your normal waking state. They can be accessed via alpha (meditative) state with regular practice.

All Higher Self Souls from the Gaia Soul Group are located in 4D, with a growing percentage moving into 5D. In other words:

  • Awakened Earthlings have a 5D Higher Self Consciousness

  • Unawakened Earthlings have a 4D Higher Self Consciousness

What do I mean by “Gaia Soul Group”?

I mean those earthlings (not just humans but all living beings) who are from the Planet Earth soul family. Not everyone is.

It’s important to remember that Gaia (Earth’s collective consciousness) is a young soul group and is right now only at 4D-5D level. Ascension beyond this level is not possible yet for those people who are part of this particular soul collective.

Anyone who has ascended to 6D or higher, on Earth, past or present: while they may be incarnated as human or other earthlings, their souls are actually from somewhere else. They belong to a different soul group: i.e. they are starseeds or divine beings, physically incarnated here on earth. Starseed incarnations on Earth are extremely common right now, and comprise probably 1/3 of the total global population. I mean, I haven't done a headcount 😂 but that's my best guess.

Your PHYSICAL Consciousness:

Your physical consciousness is, essentially: you. Your body and mind, chakra system etc, current ascension level and “normal” vibrational frequency.

It determines what you are aware of in your daily life - i.e. the level where you "live" in your normal physical state & what you perceive with your body, mind and senses.

It determines how you perceive yourself, but also how you perceive the world around you.

It exists up to, and including, the highest level of growth you have reached so far. Once you ascend to your Higher Self’s level, your consciousness experiences a merge with theirs and you become your Higher Self.

So, for example, me: as Anita, I am a 9D Ascended Master, and that means that my Soul Consciousness, Higher Self Consciousness, and Physical Consciousness levels are all merged into one, at 9th dimensional level. In my normal day-to-day life. That’s why I use both my human birth name (Anita) and my higher-dimensional name (Goddess Hathor / Archangel Michael) to identify myself with.

Your physical consciousness level determines which dimensions you can access (how far up you can go) when in alpha (meditative) state:

  • 3D Beings can travel to 4D (or 5D with some effort)

  • 5D Ascended Masters can travel up to 6D-8D, with some effort

  • 6D Ascended Masters can travel through all dimensional levels, but with limited access and control in 9D-11D

  • 9D Ascended Masters function at all dimensional levels with full access and control

This is why ascension is so important.

Doctor giving a woman an eye exam
Think of 9D Physical Consciousness as 20/20 vision

We each have a unique personal dimensional spectrum

Your personal dimensional spectrum is the range of dimensions that are easily accessible to you, in your normal day-to-day life. It is determined by your physical consciousness: i.e. your vibrational frequency.

To someone who is anchored in the lower dimensional spectrum, the higher dimensions are not really perceivable. So really, you cannot fault them for believing that those of us who do perceive higher states of being, are all crazy. Those higher levels do not exist for them; not from their perception of reality.

Let’s go back to our science example, so that I can better explain:

To something (or someone) who is “solid”, a gas looks like nothing at all.

To a human being, oxygen looks like nothing. Hydrogen looks like nothing. And so on. We wouldn’t even know they exist if not for their ability to affect our bodies, and even then they weren't even officially discovered until a couple hundred years ago.

Physical beings need scientific equipment to detect, measure and analyse a gas (higher frequency substance) because our physical brains are not able to do this for us just by looking at it.

For example: we know a gas is oxygen only because we are able to breathe. If not for that one detail (our physical response) we wouldn’t even have a clue it was there in the first place.

In the same way, we are not able to perceive dimensions that are at a much higher level than our own physical frequency.

Our personal dimensional spectrum that is our natural level of consciousness on a day-to-day basis - the dimensions that we physically live in in our normal lives.

It is determined by our current level of spiritual growth - and really is different from person to person.

The way we each experience the dimensions is directly related to that spectrum.

Let’s show three examples of how this plays out.

For the average 3D human being who hasn’t awakened yet:

  • Daily functioning at 1D-4D feels completely natural and mundane.

  • 5D is not accessible except via dream state or deep hypnosis. In other words, it is experienced as an illusion because it is not perceivable in the natural waking state.

  • It’s extremely rare for 6D or higher to be accessed but when it is, it usually results in permanent physical and psychological damage. The 3D psyche cannot withstand such high frequency energy without experiencing trauma.

For the average awakened human who is has not ascended to 5D yet:

  • Daily functioning at 1D-4D feels completely natural and mundane, but slightly physically uncomfortable and emotionally very frustrating, even painful.

  • Reaching 5D takes a bit of effort and feels larger than life, but is accessible for short periods of time. Being there feels like the most wonderful, beautiful, powerful feeling in the world, like they have reached the peak of consciousness and understand everything and have accessed heaven.

  • 6D and above is not fully perceivable, difficult to understand, and can sometimes be physically or psychologically painful when coming into contact with it (for example when a channeling an angel for guidance). Lower-vibrational awakened humans can even experience seizures, etc. when coming into contact with such high-level energy. It’s rare but it does sometimes happen if the human is using mind-expanding drugs to force an experience.

For someone like me, a 9D Ascended Master:

  • Daily functioning at 6D-11D feels completely natural and mundane.

  • 5D feels physically a little uncomfortable and the consciousness level feels low-vibrational, to be honest: partially healed and a huge improvement on 3D, yes, but lots of unhealed aspects still needing attention.

  • 3D feels like, in a word: pain. It is extremely physically painful for me to be near this energy, but it’s also most of what I perceive in the consciousness of the people who live there. The trauma imprints and karmic energy are very heavy, and very visible to me, is what I mean.

What's the best way to explore the dimensions?

I think it's safe to say that for most people, as soon as we become aware of the existence of higher dimensions, our first reaction is to want to go out and explore them immediately.

Of course, we do this already on an unconscious level, but that's not the goal, is it? The goal is to achieve this is in a conscious state. But, for most people, this presents a problem because they don't know where to start.

The answer is simple, though: Meditation. Lots and lots of meditation.

And it doesn't have to be the traditional kind. Meditation can be literally any activity that involves you, alone with your mind, for a period of time. The rest, is irrelevant.

A group of people sitting together on a hilltop and looking on in silence
Meditation can look like anything

You WILL reach a point in your journey where conscious meditation becomes redundant because you no longer require it as a tool, but when you get there, believe me you will know. You’ll know, because you will continue to have the same experiences even in your normal day-to-day routine. And meditation will become… well… useless.

But until that happens: meditation ☺️

The rest takes care of itself: your consciousness already wants to expand and show you what it is capable of, and it will figure your journey out for you, as soon as you open the door and show your willingness to participate.

Honestly, dimensional growth does not take that much effort.

We are born to grow. It’s what we are here for and what comes naturally to us.

What takes effort, is suppressing that growth - and the 3D society provides us plenty of tools to help us to do that: addictive foods and other substances, social media distractions, political distractions, advertising, and so on. Turn off to that stuff and growth just starts to happen all by itself.

How will you know you're in a different dimension?

Navigating the dimensions is a personal experience and unique for each of us, because what we are really doing is navigating the realms of our own, very vast, consciousness.

That being said, believe me, you'll know: because although you are not in a different "place", it really does feel like you are. The entire nature of what you consider to be "reality" changes.

The way you think and feel changes. The way you perceive and experience your body changes. There are also tactile differences: changes in temperature, in the "feel" of the atmosphere around you, etc.

In other words: the way you experience your physical senses, changes.

As you move into higher levels of consciousness, senses you've never experienced before, or didn't know existed, begin to open themselves up to you - and you have to learn how to understand and use them.

It's quite wonderful, really ❤️

But how do we make these shifts permanent? How do we ascend?

What causes us to vibrate at a specific frequency? The level of our physical consciousness (the level you are at in your daily life).

So, how do we raise our frequency - and the dimension we "live" in? We do it by raising our level of physical consciousness.

That isn't something that "just happens" to us. It's something that we achieve through personal effort and inner healing.

No shortcuts. No quick fix solutions. Nothing worth having ever falls in your lap. Not ever. It is earned through hard work and effort - and lots and lots of self-discovery.

Herbal medicine drink
I STRONGLY advise against Ayahuasca etc

***On a related note:

Artificial or forced methods of dimensional travel are not advisable

The different levels are there for a reason: to provide you with a safe way to expand your consciousness, one step at a time. Their existence protects you from accessing too much, too quickly - which can be extremely harmful.

How harmful? Seizure, schizophrenia, stroke, death, etc. Pretty damn harmful, is what I’m saying.

This is why I strongly advise against forced or artificial methods of dimensional travel and healing - such as psychedelic drugs, Ayahuasca etc - which bypass the physical consciousness and force expansion that you are not ready for.

Even in the best case scenario, I have seen the results of these methods to cause short term expansion but long term impediment to the growth of the consciousness.

I've seen people experience positive short term effects but then later: a partial or complete collapse of consciousness, 10 years down the line. There are consequences to forcing your expansion, is what I'm saying.

If you want my advice: stick to meditation and inner healing work. It will get you to the same place. It will get you further. Safely.