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Inner Child Healing

Children are information sponges.

They take in EVERYTHING that is going on in their environment - whether they are able to consciously understand it or not.

Every single experience in our lives, every relationship, every conversation, is there to teach us who we are. Each one, sends us subtle messages about ourselves: our place in the world and our place in relation to those around us.

Children accept this information as TRUTH. Their psyche doesn't question the experiences, it just absorbs them and integrates them into their personalities, to be dealt with at a later stage.

As we reach adolescence, we begin to question these messages that we are receiving and we begin to question our place in the world. We seek out our identity.

As we mature and reach adulthood, we come to redefine ourselves and reject those old notions we don't agree with. We seek to establish a more defined version of ourselves: the person we wish to be.

So why do we so often fail to become that person we want to be?

Because here's the thing: that child that we were, remains. It forms a permanent and integral part of our adult psyche.

The Inner Child is a fragment of your consciousness that exists as a semi-independent entity within your psyche.

In other words, it is an identifiable part of your adult personality , and it becomes the major driving force behind your overall psychological well-being.

Your inner child is always there, in your subconscious mind, reminding you of WHO YOU ARE.

Your subconscious mind is much stronger than your conscious mind. It wins every inner argument.

Ultimately, whether you like it or not, your childhood shapes every aspect of your adult self:

your belief systems, the way you view yourself, your emotions and your behavior.

Children should be treated as precious. Childhood should be a magical and beautiful learning experience because it sets the foundation for your adult self.

​​So what happens when your Childhood experiences were bad?

Negative childhood experiences create the "Wounded Inner Child" within the adult psyche.

The degree to which the Inner Child is "wounded" is dependent on the degree of trauma experienced as a child.

While many children experience severe forms of trauma (such as abuse or neglect) it's important to remember that even mildly negative experiences affect the psyche negatively. To a child, every negative experience feels like trauma.

The Wounded Inner Child can take various forms and can manifest in the adult psyche in various ways.

In extreme & rare cases, it results in what is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder).

Most commonly, the results are less severe types of psychological conditions, ranging from minor thru major.

Psychological conditions are serious in their own right, but can also indirectly lead to physical conditions - for example: an alcohol addiction, resulting in liver damage.

The effects can also be more subtle and difficult to pinpoint - for example: a neglected or abandoned child can grow into an adult lacking in the ability to love themselves. This can actually manifest physically as heart disease or even a lung condition.

Can a wounded Inner Child be healed?

Absolutely yes.

​There are two parts to this process:

  1. Healing the actual childhood trauma

  2. Rebuilding the Inner Child

And they take place concurrently.

It IS possible to heal your Inner Child on your own (with no outside help),

but this is an advanced and complex form of energy work, requiring a great deal of healing experience and a very high level of control over your consciousness. In other words: it can be done, but it's pretty tough.

Generally speaking, you will need some outside help from a psychologist or a healer skilled in Inner Child work (disclaimer: I am one of them).

Where do I (as a healer) come into the mix?

I locate, and communicate with, your Inner Child, from a higher dimensional state.

I can do this because, at that level of reality, I am actually able to separate and examine each component of your conscious and subconscious minds. I can communicate with parts of your consciousness as if they were an actual person.

This allows me to:

  1. Identify the underlying issue that is preventing your Inner Child from being happy and healthy

  2. Heal the energetic trauma within your psyche that is preventing you from moving on


What happens next?

This is only the first step of the process.

Next, we have to rebuild your Inner Child into a happy, well-functioning one. We do this part together: you and I.

I can do the energetic portion of this job. But for it to really anchor, you need to rebuild your experiences.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood, and this will be your part in this process. You will be asked to relearn childhood.

Your Inner Child, being an aspect of your consciousness, is able to communicate its specific needs and requests to me and you will be asked to carry them out.

You will be asked to make friends with yourself, to learn to be a child as well and an empowered adult, and to enjoy new, happy experiences.

Doesn't sound too bad now, does it?