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Healing sessions from the Goddess Hathor & Archangel Michael consciousness

This is not Reiki, nor is it any other system of Energy Healing practiced by Humans.


It is a Divine Realm system of healing, which means it is practiced only by those who have achieved divine-level consciousness: (i.e. Gods, Goddesses, Angels, etc.)


I do ALL your sessions in the 6th dimension (the highest dimension the physical world can be accessed from) using a mixture of 6th - 11th dimensional healing techniques and energies. Divine-level energy healing takes place in, not one, but ALL dimensions simultaneously.


This is the exact same system that I - and all Divine Healers, really - have used for eons. 


It’s also the energy healing system I used on myself, as Anita: the healing techniques I utilised and which allowed me to reach 9D ascension (god consciousness) and merge with my Higher Self (Goddess Hathor/Archangel Michael) within the span of half a human lifetime.


It can do the same for you: help you to actualise your highest potential for healing.

Whatever "highest healing potential" means in your case, I promise you that achieving it will bring something amazing, and something deeply rewarding and profound into your physical experience.

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What is your maximum healing potential?

The answer is the same for each and every one of us:

Your life’s potential is to become, whatever your Higher Self is.


Our highest potential in any given lifetime is to reach the same level of consciousness as our Higher Self. Of course, this means something different for each and every one of us - because every Higher Self is at a unique stage of soul evolution - but it also means that we, each of us, experience exactly the same level of difficulty in achieving that goal.

What do I mean by this?  

As Anita, I was born with 5D consciousness and my Higher Self was a 9D Being. So, before Anita could become Goddess Hathor/Archangel Michael (my Higher Self) I had to ascend to 9D consciousness. And in order to do that, I had to do enough inner healing work as to allow the physical particles that make up my human body, to vibrate at 9th dimensional frequency level.

Let's say for instance that you were born with 3D consciousness and your Higher Self is a 5th Dimensional Being. In order to become your Higher Self, you have to ascend to 5D consciousness. This means that you need to raise your physical vibration frequency to 5th-dimensional level - and, again, this is achieved through inner healing work.

The target goal for you and I may not look the same from a superficial level of perception, because our journeys to get to our destination are so different - but really, it is exactly the same amount of effort required. The level of difficulty that you experience in reaching 5D is exactly the same as the level difficulty I experienced in reaching 9D.


That means: if I could achieve it, so can you.

We are all each given equal amounts of burden to achieve our healing potential - absolutely no one is "better off" than anyone else. The differences lie only in the specific details of what we have to do in order to get there, and the specific challenges we each have to overcome during the course of our life's journey. 

This is why, finding the "right fit" healer is SO IMPORTANT

A healer who is on a similar vibrational level - or a similar ascension journey - to you has limits in terms of how much they are able to help you, because a large chunk of your energy healing requirements will be beyond the scope of their understanding.

No healer, no matter how gifted, can help you with something that they cannot personally understand or know what to do with. If they cannot access, see or understand your entire journey, they cannot help you. It's as simple as that.


This is the main reason why all human systems of healing (whether western medicine or alternatives) have limited success rates: vibrational incompatibility. 5th Dimensional civilisations understand this all too well - and this is why, in a 5D society, healing work is never done by one's peers.

The first and most critical step of your healing journey must be in finding a healer who is the right fit for you. It must, must be someone who is at a significantly higher vibrational level to you - in other words, someone who is consciously functioning at (has ascended to) a higher dimensional level to the one you're functioning at.


And, frankly, the higher the ascension level, the better. That's the way it is done in 5th dimensional civilisations - and if we are to one day become like them, we need to start thinking like them. Not "one day". Today. Think of it as "dressing for the job you want, not the job you have".

And I'm not saying your healer has to be me. At can be anyone who fits this criteria. But please, please do yourself (and your energy) a huge favour, and find a healer who is vibrationally ready to understand you and your entire journey.

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Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.

- Hippocrates

Literally the only thing wrong with Hippocrates' statement is the problematic pronoun decision.





Healing is not about growth or creation. It's about destruction of the unhealthy, limiting aspects in your energy that are standing between you and your full potential.

And, in order to heal, you have to be willing and ready to release the thing that is standing between you and your goal. It’s that simple, and that complicated, and it’s where I, as your healer, come in:

Energy healing is a journey that you and I take together:

Infographic: High-level outline of the body-soul relationship dynamic and how everything links together
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Why did your soul choose a physical experience?


Your physical body and mind are an extension of your Higher Self (the conscious, self-actualised part of your soul). They are the means by which your Higher Self projects themselves into the physical world in order to learn, grow and evolve.


Depending on their current stage of soul evolution, your Higher Self may be self-actualised to anywhere between 4D - 9D. Your Higher Self's stage of evolution is the critical factor in deciding your soul contract (life path) for this lifetime.


As your Higher Self evolves, they also go through an ascension process. Not every soul chooses to evolve beyond 6D (and there is no requirement to do so). In fact, the vast majority of souls, when reaching 6D, choose to stop incarnating and suffering, and prefer to merge back into Source (10D-11D Collective Consciousness) - what people refer to as "God".


Those that choose to continue, become Divine Beings, and come closer and closer to reaching their 9th Dimensional "I AM Presence" (which is your actual soul). Once your Higher Self reaches 9D consciousness, your I AM Presence is awakened, Higher Self and I AM Presence merge, and your soul achieves God Consciousness (they become a God/Goddess). Achieving God Consciousness automatically allows access in and out of Source, but the soul remains an independent being for as long as they want.


So as you can see: the decisions you make in your physical experience are critical to the evolution of your soul, and you have been created in such a way, as to allow you to become your Higher Self in this lifetime.


Whether or not you choose to do that, is up to you. This entire evolutionary process is made possible by:

  1. the fact that you can't remember who you are or what your soul contract is

  2. the free will choices you make while completely blind to the path ahead  

Healing is not about creation. It's about destruction of obstacles.


Your natural state, as a physical being, is to be happy, healthy and in control of your life - to be a perfect mirror image of your Higher Self. 


But, this would not help your Higher Self to evolve, would it? Absolutely not.


So, in order to facilitate growth and soul evolution, obstacles are created in your physical reality. These obstacles manifest themselves energetically as a breakdown in communication between your Higher Self and you - and overcoming these obstacles, releasing them from your energy and restoring the lines of communication, is what we call "healing".

Why Do We Get Sick?


The communication between your Higher Self and your body is carried through energy: it flows via your physical consciousness (your aura) and into your body. When I talk about your "energy", I'm referring to this entire flow and the extent to which your body-soul communication is clear, strong and functioning correctly.


The process flow is made up of many different components (the infographic here is only a simplified outline of this process)


When blockages form anywhere along this communication path, they begin in the psychological body and, if left unchecked, they will eventually filter down into the physical body too - and, over time, create physical damage. This is where physical illness and disease comes from.


The more serious (important) the blockage, the more serious the illness. “Incurable” illness happens when there are multiple blockages across many (usually all) of these components.


Your body simply cannot function or survive without this constant energetic communication - it is, literally, this flow of energy keeping your physical body alive.


Every healing method currently in use - I'm talking about western medicine as well as alternative treatments - deals with healing only some of these components. Why? Because many of these components are only accessible in the higher dimensions (6th - 11th dimensions) where 3D Human Beings simply have no access to.


Only Divine Healers are able to address every single issue responsible for your problem.

I look at every component, I focus on it all - because I have the access, and because I know what to do with that access.

You cannot be a bystander in your own healing process


As is probably clear just from what you've read so far: healing can never be a passive system. You cannot be a bystander and have someone else do your healing work for you. This is impossible, and it's why passive systems of healing fail every single time.


Ultimately, you are here to become your own healer.


My role as a  “healer” is rather as the facilitator, the guide, of the entire process.

In other words: I show you, and I teach you, how to heal yourself.


Yes, there are certain things that I can and will do for you, for example:


  • I can (temporarily) heal and reverse the physical damage or symptoms 

  • I can sever your karmic contracts and assist you in clearing your karmic energy

  • I can activate and upgrade your chakra system and send you communication downloads

  • I can find the source/s of your blockages and guide you through the steps necessary to remove them



But: your problem - whatever it is - is there for a reason. I can open, or even create, doors for you, but I can only point you towards them. You have to be the one to walk through - of your own free will. And walking through those doors - I'm not gonna lie - can sometimes feel like the hardest thing in the world.


The key to real healing is collaboration. Yes, I will absolutely find the source to your healing. But, your commitment to addressing that underlying source is a critical part of the healing process.

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Real and permanent healing is only achieved when it happens across ALL affected levels:

Communication Tower

Body-Soul Communication Channel

Doctor checking blood pressure

Physical / Psychological Symptoms

DNA strand close-up

The SOURCE of the blockage

and it all starts with the courage to take that first step

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What energy healing techniques does a 9th Dimensional Being use?

For starters, we don't stick to a script. There is no pre-defined system to my healing sessions. I use a variety of multi-dimensional techniques chosen specifically for you, based on your healing needs in that moment in time. You receive exactly what you need, when you need it.

No two healing sessions are ever exactly the same. 

Secondly, working only on your chakras is just not gonna cut it - because, contrary to what you have been told, your chakras do not exist through all dimensions. They exist to hold the lower dimensions together - and some high-level healing falls outside of the scope of chakra work.


Yes, really.


I, even in my human body, don't even have a chakra system anymore. It was collapsed and replaced with something else during my 9D ascension process. You have a chakra system, but not all your healing requirements can be met via chakra work. And I think you're starting to understand why Reiki, etc, has its limitations.

I use a variety of methods to achieve my powerful results, but they do all have one thing in common: these methods are ONLY used by me. Insofar as I'm aware, I am the only 9th Dimensional Divine Healer currently operating on the Planet Earth in a fully self-actualised human body 😶

Some are my own techniques - methods that I have created and developed from scratch and which are only used by Anita, or Goddess Hathor, or Archangel Michael.

I also implement some traditional methods already in use throughout the world, which I have tweaked to better suit my unique methods. In other words: I do them differently.

Other techniques, are ancient systems of healing practiced in the 6th-11th dimensions, by others like me. Seeing as these are higher-dimensional healing techniques, they extend beyond the scope of human understanding and many of them just can't be explained in human concepts or language.


But, some can. So, let's focus on that which I can articulate!​ If you don't want to read about every (explainable) technique a 9th Dimensional Being uses to heal you, you can also click on each image for quick link to that specific section:

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How many energy healing sessions will you need?

It really does depend on your specific case and the nature of your problem.


I start every new client off with a diagnostic session - meaning that most (if not all) of that first session will be spend on energy scans, karma analysis, soul contract analysis, and so on.

You can call it the Energy Healing equivalent of “running some tests” 😅 

And really, there’s a very good reason doctors run tests. This is to establish:

  1. Exactly what is going on with you, and what is causing it

  2. A strategic treatment plan that will work for you


I approach energy healing in the same way. Having a complete picture of what is going on with you will actually save us both a lot of time in the long run.

I mean: just imagine what would happen if a medical doctor dived right into treating you without having any clue about what the underlying issue is. Total disaster, right? Right. Most probably, they would end up losing their medical license.

So why is this system acceptable in alternative healing? I really have no idea 🤦‍♀️

After your first session, I will be able to give you a much better estimation in terms of timeline. I’ll also be able to give you an in-depth picture of what is happening, and why it is happening.



If your problem is a physical illness or condition:


In my experience: the longer something has been around, the longer it takes to clear it away. That's a much bigger factor than the severity of the condition. 


For example: Stage 4 renal failure brought on by a sudden traumatic experience can usually be reversed in 7-14 days. I know because I've done it. On the other hand, stage 4 renal failure brought on by years of systematic wear and tear (for example diet, or an illness such as Diabetes) will take much longer than that to heal. Probably, months.




Because, the longer something has been there in your body, the more deeply embedded and integrated it is into both your cellular structure and your unconscious mind. In other words: your body and mind start to believe that they are sick, and that they will stay like this forever. And if you believe it: so it shall stay, because the cells of your body will continue to duplicate themselves in exactly the same way.


A big part of healing an embedded physical condition means removing it from the psychological body and changing your perception of yourself and your illness. And that takes time



If your problem is psychological:


When it comes to psychological conditions, I feel it is safe for you to use Western Medicine as a reasonable baseline for establishing the amount of time it will take, or how many sessions will be necessary. Serious psychological conditions, unfortunately, do take a very long time to heal - no matter what healing method is used. 


The biggest difference in this case, is that I believe psychological conditions can be healed, albeit with a lot of hard work. Most western medicine doctors do not agree.




Energy healing is not a magic wand and results do not come overnight. The physical world moves a lot slower than the etheric. Our body and mind needs time to adjust to new conditions, the cells that make up our bodies need time to repair, grow or change - and there is no healing system in existence that can circumvent that.


Anyone who promises you fast results is, frankly, either outright lying to you or just operating from a very limited understanding of healing, soul contracts, karmic law and soul evolution. 


That doesn't mean that you won't see any positive results in the meantime - of course you will. It just means that the end result will not come overnight. It will happen gradually.


Ultimately, the more time and effort you put into your healing process, the faster the results come.

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Does energy healing have side effects?

I can't speak for all energy healing, but speaking for myself and my method:


Yes, there will be side effects. Every effective healing method has side effects, for a very good reason: side effects are your body's response to the healing process. Their presence mean that something inside of you is changing.


And, let's face it: change is almost never comfy.


During the session I do work on minimising side effects but they are an unavoidable consequence of healing and can't be eliminated completely. I’m also not saying you will experience side effects after every single session - think of it more as a cycle of ups and downs.



Mild physical side effects can include flu-like symptoms, lethargy, etc. This is a detox reaction and the best way to manage this is to drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can. It should pass in a couple of days.

An emotional purge is pretty common, standard even, because the source of our healing needs is usually emotional - and the outpouring of emotions can range anywhere from wonderful to just godawful. Emotions you may not been previously aware of (commonly: anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, etc) will come up to the surface. At its worst, the feeling can be pretty overwhelming and painful to go through.


The best way to manage this is to just go with it - allow the process to take its natural course because whatever emotions are there, are there for a reason. In simple terms: those emotions are coming up for release because they are they things that are blocking your energy or making you sick. In order to feel better, they need to first be released.


The key here is to face up to what you are feeling, figure out where it is coming from, accept it, accept yourself, and then let that emotion go. That emotional release is everything to your healing process.



Can we predict side effects, in the case of serious illness (eg. Cancer)?




As a rule of thumb, both your physical and emotional side effects will be linked to the nature of your condition, and you'll find that the physical side effects closely resemble the side effects you would experience if you treat the same condition with western medicine treatments. 

Every physical illness has an emotional signature too - in other words, each and every illness is caused by a specific type of repressed emotion. Whatever illness you have, you will experience an outpouring of that specific emotion during the healing process.


Let’s use Cancer as an example, since it’s so common:


Cancer sufferers often experience extreme exhaustion, frequent bouts of uncontrollable anger, physical aches and pains and even nausea from my healing sessions (very similar to Chemotherapy/Radiation side effects). 


This is the body's response to the cancer cells of the body being attacked and broken down. We are literally killing the cancer cells in the body, and there’s no way you won’t feel that. 


Destroying that many cells in one go (whether they are cancerous or not) is always traumatic for the body, always painful. There's absolutely no way to avoid that - hence the side effects. 


The difference with my treatment, though, is that:


  1. I don’t send in poison. I create quantum particles designed to target the cancer and destroy it, safely

  2. My treatment only targets the cancerous cells. The healthy cells are not affected. In other words: less physical damage and faster, more effective results.

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Common Problem Areas

Everyone is unique, at a unique point of their soul evolutionary process - and the specific areas needing attention will be representative of that phase that you’re currently at.


That being said, there are some problem areas that almost all human beings seem to have in common:

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Frequently Asked Questions