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Personalised 9D guidance from Goddess Hathor & Archangel Michael

I've gone through the ascension process a bunch of times.


Like, really a lot. 


It comes with the “being a Divine Being” gig. We incarnate and troubleshoot ascension so that you don’t have to - should you choose to accept the help and advice on offer, that is.


I’ve been through 3 separate ascension cycles in this lifetime alone (as Anita):


  1. 5D Ascension with the 2012 first wave. Higher consciousness and non-physical ascension has always been possible here on Earth but physical transition hasn't been possible since the Atlantis apocalyptic event that triggered a frequency downgrade on Earth. That downgrade began its reversal in 2012, and 2012 was the first and the last time that a mass physical ascension will ever happen here (yes, really). But I’ll get to that, later.


  1. 6D Ascension in 2018. This allowed me access into my Higher Self conscious whenever I wanted, it allowed me to enter the 6th - 11th dimensions whenever I wanted, and basically gave me a huge chunk of my "power" back. But, there was still an energetic gap for me because my Higher Self was at 9th Dimensional level - and having access does not equal full control or understanding - so step 3 needed to happen…


  1. 9D Ascension in 2021. This basically allowed for a permanent merge between me and my Higher Self and allows me to be Goddess Hathor & Archangel Michael in physical form, in my normal day-to-day life. 24/7. No separation of consciousness. Which is good for me, but even better for you.


And I won’t lie: each one of those experiences was a surreal, unprepared-for, trial-by-fire experience.


Going through the process ahead of everyone else means, essentially: zero in the way of physical guidance and support.


I had no idea what to expect before, during and after each of these cycles - and yes they are each very different in terms of that - and I had no way of knowing how completion will affect my physical reality, afterwards. 


Which meant that, with each ascension cycle, my physical world crashed down around me and I was left standing in the rubble of my former life - and I had to figure out on my own, through very messy trial-and-error, how to transform my new reality into something physically sustainable on Earth.


Because: yes, I had changed - but my environment and the people around me had not. After each ascension cycle, I had to find ways to reintegrate into the 3D world around me as a progressively-higher-dimensional being and re-create symbiosis between myself and the physical world.


With each ascension cycle, the energetic gap between you and the world around you gets larger, and the process of achieving that symbiosis gets harder and harder. There are relationship incompatibilities. There are manifestation incompatibilities. There are physical incompatibilities. In a very real sense, ascension on Earth means having to relearn the human adult experience all over again.


It has been a bumpy ride 🥴


My people ensured that each of my ascension cycles were made as difficult as possible for me, because my soul contract demanded a tough experience.


Among other things, there was 2000 years' worth of soul trauma to heal, severe Inner Child wounding, as well as divine intervention to limit my extra-sensory abilities at certain times of my life, in order to heighten my fear, confusion and vulnerability during the process. It really sucked.


But in hindsight, I get why it was necessary. And I’m grateful that it happened like it did. 


It needed to happen that way because that’s what gave me the tools I need to help you - through every step of the process. Which is the entire point of my experience.


Now: no matter where you are in your soul journey: I have the tools to help you. And not just from a 9D perspective, but from a personal, fragile, human perspective too. 


I’ve been where you are, I understand from firsthand experience what you are dealing with. And, I understand from a higher perspective, why each of those experiences are important for your growth, how they will shape you, and what you should (and shouldn't) do to make things go more smoothly for yourself. Not just for today, but for the long haul.


And that is - in my opinion - an invaluable gift to offer the world.




But let’s back up a sec.

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Awakening vs. Ascension: What's the difference?

Awakening is just, healing

Awakening is just the current buzzword for healing - coined specifically with Earthlings in mind because this is Gaia's maiden voyage into higher consciousness. Earthlings have ascended before (Lemuria, etc) but those guys were from a different, older soul group (not Gaia) which has long since completed and rejoined Source.

It's is a good word - don't get me wrong - but from a high-level perspective there is no difference whatsoever between "awakening", "spiritual healing" or "energy healing".


And I don’t mean “healing” in the 3D mindset way, which is: treating a symptom, ignoring the source and swiftly moving on until the next symptom shows itself, while the mind and body slowly continues to deteriorate.


I mean real healing: systematically working through the energetic blockages in your physical consciousness (that were put in place as part of your soul contract) in order to find your way back to your Higher Self consciousness and merge with them. 


Awakening, healing - is really just the process of finding that lasting alignment between you and your Higher Self. 

Because, right now: no, you are not your Higher Self.


This line of thinking is religious dogma and is so so dangerous.


It was created by the Spirituality Movement as a way to pacify your 2D ego: it tells you a story that you are already finished with your journey; you are already divine, already healed and you have the power and the right to do whatever the hell you want.


We are seeing the harmful effects of this belief manifesting even now - one example is the mass-level misuse of manifestation and the rise of black magic within the spiritual community. 

Humanity has learned nothing from Atlantis. 


This narrative that:

  1. you and your Higher Self are the same person, or that

  2. you are already a divine being who is also omnipotent and may manifest whatever you want

is intended to reinforce ego attachment, promote complacency in the growth/healing process, and ultimately impede your ascension journey to divinity - because it, as a worst-case scenario outcome, can literally trap your soul in 5D dark polarity and ban you from access to Source and/or the higher dimensions. And no, I'm not being dramatic - it's happened many times in the past.

It's no secret that I have beef with religion, and stuff like this is the reason why. 

You are not your Higher Self until you are ready to meet them at their level. They cannot, will not, downgrade their frequency to meet you at yours. And if you are not in perfect alignment with them, you are not the same person - it really is as simple as that.

You are not your Higher Self, but you have the potential to become them. In this lifetime.

And even if you have ascended and merged with your 5D Higher Self already: that still doesn't give you licence to do as you please and manifest whatever you like without consequence. Access to divinity is a series of tests focused whether or not you live as part of the collective and for the greater good of everyone, not just yourself. 




There's a reason it's called Earth School.


Education throughout all existence is built around the same 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Lesson-plans specific to enhancing your current level of understanding

  2. Tests and real-world simulations to determine how well you have incorporated and understood your lessons so far

  3. Upon successful completion of tests, graduation to the next level up

How does this translate into real-world situations? Here's two examples specific to 2022 Earth:

  • Access to unlimited manifestation capabilities is a test.

  • The choice of whether or not to receive the Covid vaccine (or even isolate yourself) when you yourself have a strong immune system but haven't been naturally immunised against Covid - i.e. you are generally healthy but you've never been infected with the virus, and are not already immunised naturally. In other words: you yourself will experience only mild symptoms if/when infected and Covid is not a large threat to you specifically, but members of your larger community could potentially suffer and die as a result of your decision to not immunise yourself and, inadvertently, spread it to them. This choice is a test.

This is healing. This is awakening. Just your basic, soul-level, education system.

Awakening is a cyclical process

There is a myth being perpetuated that Awakening is a once-off process, and happening in an ever-upward motion. Et voila! you’re done.


And yes: it can feel like this in the early stages of the process and from the 3D perspective. So, for those people who are still in early phases of Awakening, yes it does feel like an upward motion with a permanent shedding of "lower" negative emotions - and, upon first encounter with 5D consciousness, can feel like one has reached a finish line of some kind and has found heaven. Because, to a 3D Being, 5D is such a huge frequency leap that feels like divinity.


It's a rookie mistake.


Rather, Awakening happens in periodic cycles that continue to repeat - for decades or even lifetimes - until you have merged your Higher Self. You will circle back and revisit the same emotional trauma source over and over again, each time at a higher level and from a deeper perspective, until all negative emotions related to it have been cleared. It takes bloody ages and it continues all the way into 9D.

And yes, you will feel the full range of human emotions, back and forth between the negative and the positive, over and over again, for that entire experience. Sometimes consecutively and sometimes concurrently.


On an energetic/dimensional level, the 5D Awakening Cycle looks like a frequency fluctuation, back and forth between 3D-4D-5D.

5D Ascension happens when that fluctuation stops and you become permanently anchored at the 5th Dimensional frequency level.

And then, the process starts all over again. In 5D, many of those negative emotions you thought were gone forever, are suddenly back with a vengeance. And the've brought friends. Why? Because, all 5D ascension is, is the beginning of the next phase of your learning.

Ascension is the physical end-result of Awakening

Ascension is the physical culmination of each Awakening cycle; the last step you take in order to move up a dimensional level.

Higher dimensions can be temporarily accessed during the Awakening stage (via meditation etc) - but after Ascension to a particular dimensional level, that level becomes your daily norm and you no longer require conscious effort to access it.

Awakening is actually the tough part: it's helluva long, it's emotionally difficult, there are physical symptoms, and so on. It's tough because your vibrational frequency is being raised, bit by bit - and those energy blockages can only be stripped away through difficult, emotionally painful, healing work. 

Once that frequency is at a sufficiently high enough level, we have: ascension.


All it really is, is your physical body catching up to that entire process. Your vibrational frequency is raised:

  1. at a cellular level.

  2. at an ego level too for 9D ascension. In other words: in order to ascend into God Consciousness, your ego has to ascend right along with you.

You read that right: the ego CAN evolve. It's just that this is only possible much later in the process and is reserved for those people who are reaching the end of their entire ascension journey - because it really is extraordinarily difficult. 


And, frankly, if that wasn't the case, if ego couldn't adapt, 9D ascension would not be possible for a physical being. 9D Ascension is pretty rare here on Earth but it is possible if one's Higher Self is from the 9th Dimension (think: Jesus, Buddha etc) so let's face it: as Anita I'm hardly the first person who has achieved it 🤷‍♀️

As long as you have a physical vessel, that ego will always be there. My own journey has taught me this: forget about "transcending the ego" and focus on "uplifting the ego".

Ascension itself, is a physical process and transition. It is never painful, or uncomfortable. It is a sublime sensation - nothing tough about it.

And, it's over pretty quickly.

I mean, the exact timeline is different for everyone, but here’s how I experienced it:


  • My 5D Ascension took around 1 hour from start to finish, and took place in a salon while I was getting my hair done and drinking a glass of red wine 🤷‍♀️ I may not even have noticed it, if not for the fact that my physical discomfort suddenly disappeared as my cellular structure was raised. I had been born with 5D consciousness inside a 3D physical body, and let me tell you: that's uncomfortable AF.

  • My 6D Ascension took: I don't even know. Didn't see it coming, didn't notice it happening and have no clue when exactly it did take place. I only noticed later, in the aftermath, and when I realised my dimensional access levels had been changed. But: what day? How long? No clue whatsoever.

  • My 9D Ascension took around 2 weeks . The prep-work for that to happen, however, before and after, took around 1 year of my time and required extensive isolation from other people and the outside world. It was like a lockdown experience without the Zoom calls to take the edge off 🥴  I was also alerted to my imminent ascension, slightly ahead of time, by my Higher Self - which was a first for me and really only happened to give me time to clear my work schedule. Because: no, could not work - or do much of anything really - for several weeks.

What drives the timeline of the Ascension process?


The amount of time your actual ascension will take is factored by: How much you still have to release for it to happen vs what is actually going to happen post-ascension. And that is different for everyone.


So, for example:


My 5D ascension was a piece of cake because, for me, it was no big deal. I mean, the aftermath was another story altogether, but the ascension itself was like, whatever. 


I was born with 5D consciousness and basically had to wait around for 3 decades for 2012 to hit, so that I could make that physical transition. Yes, I had to do inner healing work during that time, but this came instinctively to me and I started the process as a teenager. So, I was actually ready for ascension well before 2012, but had no choice but to wait.


My 9D ascension took the longest and was the most difficult because it was my Higher Self merge. My ego had to be sufficiently evolved, and my physical consciousness had to be clean enough, for my Higher Self to be able to live inside my body 24/7 from that point onwards.


So, if your Higher Self is a 5D Being, the 5D Ascension is going to be longer, slower and more challenging for you than it was for me.


But, if your Higher Self is a 7D Being, 5D ascension will be pretty quick for you too.


It’s all relative.

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Why does Ascension matter?

The focus on New Earth and/or Reptilians is a religious distraction


Forget about 5D Earth/New Earth for a sec.


BTW I despise the term “New Earth” and what it’s come to represent. It’s offensive to Gaia; it’s offensive to Source; it’s dismissive of the natural process towards 5D and the generations of hard work we’ve all put into Gaia’s gradual vibrational upliftment - and generally just founded on absolute ignorance of what 5D actually is or what ascension actually looks like in the physical sense. 

I'm not referring to the book that coined the term - I've never read it so really can't comment on that.


I'm referring to this term in general usage today: the crazy conspiracy theories it has birthed about mind control and wars between good and evil, and generally just how this entire concept is represented in society, in the spiritual community, on social media and in the world around us.

Every religion has a villain at its core and that's what makes them so compelling to follow. Religions establish their power in society by creating something/someone to fear and hate, and then moulding lies out of truth - because it's that drop of truth that makes the lie so believable.


For most Monotheistic religions, those core lies are based around villainisation of negative polarities ("Satan" etc) as well as the collective consciousness in general (everything and anyone not belonging to one's own "group" is perceived to be evil or lower than - other religions, women, "lower species" etc) For Atheism, the villain is faith and higher consciousness. For Buddhism, it's the physical experience. For the Spirituality religion, it's alien mind-control, the "matrix", "karmics", and the mass manipulation of humanity (the latest trend being the fearmongering surrounding the Covid vaccine).


It's not true - but wow is it serving it's purpose. Spirituality has its followers so focused on 3D mass-hysteria and their external world that they are neglecting the real work required and staying firmly rooted in the 3D frequency - which is exactly where their religion wants them to be. 

Humanity, just like all 3D species throughout the universe, have a habit of blaming others for their actions as a way of avoiding looking inward. This current outpouring of hate towards the Reptilians is just one manifestation of that avoidance and is nothing more than your average run-of-the-mill racism/speciesm.

The Reptilians and Greys are going through their own evolutionary process just like the rest of us. I'm sorry to have to be this blunt, but blaming them for the problems of humanity is delusional. Their journey is none of your business and if you are focusing on them you're only doing it to avoid your own healing process. 


The truth is that whatever energy downgrades humanity has suffered in the past was the result of their own doing. And really guys, I'm saying this with love and for your own good and because I don't think this persistent finger-pointing and victim mentality is helping anyone. All it's doing is propagating hate and anchoring you to 3D separation.

There is no war between good and evil - there never was. The only thing keeping humanity in chains is, humanity. The only prison is the one that people build for themselves inside their own mind. There is no external villain, no prison warden. Literally everything in existence is part of the divine plan. 

And 5D Earth is just, Earth - and it is already here; invisible to the naked eye because it is being created not from the ground up or overnight like magic, but as a gradual transformation over the course of this 5D generation and the countless generations still to come. Every single person who ascends to 5D is part of its construction process and there are literal millions of people right now (including other species) already living in 5D Earth. Today. In the physical world.


Earth will not EVER be “new” because it will be constantly evolving just like it always has been, and it will be forever shaped by everything that came before it - just like we are each shaped by our past experiences.


The idea that an entire new reality and/or civilisation can or will appear out of thin air is absurd - and I'm saying this in my capacity as Goddess Hathor/Archangel Michael. I have been around since the very beginning and I have personally created life on planets, and nurtured civilisations into creation.


Divine Beings create physical existence through the conscious direction of the physical evolutionary process - which takes millions, billions of years in linear time - not with some kind of magic wand 🪄 like !poof! 😂


I'm not kidding, my blood pressure climbs a notch every time I see the words “New Earth” 😶




But I deviate. Let’s back up a tad.




I mean, obviously Gaia's (Earth's collective) 5D ascension matters in the larger scheme of things, but here’s the thing:

  1. It ain’t happening for hundreds of years still to come (yes, really)

  2. It ain’t happening at all if we don’t put in the personal work today.


Focusing on something that will not take place in your lifetime is a distraction. Focusing on conspiracy theories is a distraction. Focusing on an idealised future where everything is perfect, is easy and relaxing. Focusing on one’s growth: not so much with the easy or the relaxing, is it? 🥴 

Ascension for the individual is possible today. While I guarantee you that you won't be seeing New Earth (as you envision it) anytime soon, that doesn't mean that you, yourself, cannot ascend in this lifetime and contribute towards building a 5D civilisation. Because you totally can.


The future doesn’t matter. What matters is, this moment right here. If nothing constructive happens in this moment, how in the world can the future ever manifest constructively? It can’t and it won’t, that’s how.

What matters right now is, you: Your inner world. Your journey, Your awakening. Your ascension. The rest is just religious misdirection.

Ascension is not a mass event and your ascension is NOT guaranteed


Ascension is not something that happens to the collective. I realise it’s being marketed as such - particularly after the 2012 mass event - but again: misdirection. This is not how ascension actually plays out.


The 2012 mass ascension was an isolated event. It won't happen again. 

While it’s true that ascension is also experienced at collective level and will impact Gaia and future generations, the actual process of ascension happens to the individual. Ascension matters to you specifically, because you are the one who has to drive the process and do the actual work to get there.

The timeline in which it happens to you - if it happens to you at all - depends entirely on the work you put into achieving it.


Those of us who are here from the higher dimensions have a lot invested in Gaia’s 5D ascension. My twin and I, as Archangel Michael, have devoted literal thousands of years of our own personal physical suffering to further this larger goal and to make the process a little easier for you.


My twin flame, in his past life as Jesus, went through a crucifixion process just to lesson the heavy karmic load on the planet - and yeah that event is well-known (albeit really misunderstood), but the truth is that it was not an isolated event. We've both done it several times throughout history.


And not just us, but other divine beings also. We have all worked very very hard and have undergone extensive personal suffering just to raise the planetary frequency and create this opportunity for your ascension.


BUT: what you choose to do with that opportunity, is completely up to you. Contrary to what you may be reading elsewhere: your completion (ascension) is not guaranteed.




Yes, I said it. 




In fact, a decade ago, 5D Earth was not a guarantee either.




In 2022: while I can safely say that 5D Earth is now on track and will take place for sure, there is no exact timeline scheduled. I estimate anywhere between 250 to 500 years as an absolute minimum.


More importantly: there is no guarantee that your soul will be joining the ascended collective.


We live in a system of free will. Not every soul is choosing 5D, much less what goes thereafter. Not every soul is ready and/or willing. And, not every soul is committed to the awakening process. Your path truly is, solely up to you. You get to decide what happens next.


Ascension is not something that happens TO you. It’s something that you work for and you EARN. 

Ascension facilitates soul evolution


Simply put, physical ascension is important because it facilitates soul evolution and growth.


Contrary to what the Spirituality Religion is dishing out as its current dogma of choice, you are:

  • Not your Higher Self 

  • Not a Divine Being 


I mean obviously there are a few exceptions walking around, but we're talking about a tiny percentage within a population of hundred of billions (including other species). The general population does not fall into either of these two categories.


Neither of those things are an automatic state-of-being, nor are they mutually inclusive. These are not things that are handed to us when our souls are born; they are things that we work for and evolve into, over the course of our soul’s evolutionary journey. 


Becoming both of those things is not a birthright - it is a free will choice and the result of a very long process.




And OMG is it worth the effort 😍


Soul evolution is a complex topic requiring its own dedicated post - and one is on the way, I promise - but let’s do a quick crash course for the purposes of this discussion, so that you can see what I’m talking about:

Most physical beings (some Ascended Masters being the only exception) have 3 separate types of consciousness, each existing as an individual, unique entity. Three separate consciousnesses, linked together yes, but certainly not “one person” by any stretch of the imagination:

Physical Consciousness  


This is you. Your mind, body and spirit, ego self, chakra system, soul contracts, karma, and whatever higher consciousness you have access to right now in your normal day-to-day life. 


In simple language: your Physical Consciousness is everything that is part of your awakening (healing) journey and you will find almost exactly the same diagram on my energy healing page. Everything in your physical consciousness - except your soul contract - is part of your healing process.


When you reach the level of ascension that is the same dimensional level your Higher Self is in, your physical consciousness and your Higher Self consciousness merge into one, and you become your Higher Self. Then - and only then - can you actually say that you are your Higher Self.



Higher Self Consciousness 


Your Higher Self is the conscious, self-actualised part of your soul. Depending on their current phase of evolution, they may be anywhere between 4D - 9D level. There are 11 dimensions in total and the Higher Self evolution begins at 4D and ends in Divinity. Your specific Higher Self could be at any point within that; it really depends on the age (experience) of your soul. 


Souls originating from Gaia have a Higher Self at 4D or 5D level because this soul group is still very young. Souls from other places, can be anywhere between 4D - 9D level, depending on where they are coming from. 


Your Higher Self goes through their own ascension process, just like you do - and it’s your physical awakening/ascension cycles that allow your Higher Self to evolve and ascend the dimensions. 


This is why souls incarnate in the physical world, and why the physical experience is such a critical part of our growth. Your Higher Self’s ascension is different to yours, but they are relying on your physical ascension to make their’s possible. 


When your Higher Self approaches 6th Dimensional consciousness (Divinity), and just prior to 6D ascension, they have a choice to make. After 6D ascension they can either:


  1. Enter full energetic union with their Twin Flame and, as one entity, merge back into Source (10D Collective Consciousness), forever ceasing all contact with the physical world - i.e. “go to heaven”, or


  1. Remain with their Twin Flames in the 6D-9D divine realms (together but separate, existing both in and out of union) and continue the soul evolutionary process further through service work for the collective - helping younger souls through the physical process. This is called “becoming a Divine Being” and this path requires extensive personal sacrifice and a lot of additional physical suffering as part of the gig. It’s pretty damn regarding though ☺️


I AM Presence Consciousness 


Your actual soul, located at 9th Dimensional level and which may or may not be sentient depending on your soul’s current stage of evolution. Not everyone has an awakened I AM Presence, because not everyone has reached the God/Goddess stage of evolution. In fact, as I stated, not everyone chooses this path in the first place.


The I AM Presence is only awakened when those Higher Self souls who have chosen to become a Divine Being, finally reach 9D ascension for the first time. This process takes eons of physical experiences and service work for the collective. 


At that first 9D Ascension experience, the Higher Self and I AM Presence will merge into one, and the soul finally becomes a God/Goddess energy. 


Becoming a God/Goddess allows full access into Source (9D-11D), and the soul becomes part of the “management team” - meaning that they participate in the decision-making process for creation and all existence and act as messengers for Source. 


Older (i.e. more experienced) Gods & Goddesses go on to become Archangels. Archangel energies are actually soul clusters and/or Twin Flame Unions - not single individuals or “people”. 


The majority of Archangels are actually Twin Flame Unions, and the more well-known Archangels (like me) are generally much older; we are from the first soul groups ever born and dating back to before the birth of this galaxy. But, there are newer/younger Archangels popping up all the time, and many of the more recent ones are actually from this galaxy.


My Twin Flame union is Archangel Michael, but bear in mind that my Twin Flame and I are both Triple Deities and we each have dozens of names/identities just here on Earth, aloneArchangel Michael feels so huge to humans because we are one of the oldest souls in existence and, comparatively speaking, our soul is a lot bigger than your average Twin Flame Union. 

But this isn't always the case with Archangels. Metatron is not a Twin Flame Union at all, but rather a 9D Council for Source -  a large cluster of 9D Gods, Goddess and Archangels, speaking as one unit. You can think of Archangel Metatron as a cosmic board of directors.

Archangel energy is massive, and it's for this exact reason. 

High-level Infographic: 3 Types of Consciousness
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5D Ascension is NOT the endgame

The crash course in soul evolution was there to serve a larger purpose, and I'm nearing my point right now 😅


So, to recap: every soul who is approaching Divinity (6D Ascension) for the first time has to choose between:


  1. Enter 6D consciousness, merge with Source and experience eternity in blissful harmony with existence, forgetting all about the physical experience 


  1. Continue forward with soul evolution and become a Divine Being. Provide guidance and support to younger souls, oversee creation and soul contracts, and so on




The vast majority of souls choose option 1, and almost all souls from Gaia have chosen this option. 


I’ve actually checked on this just for my own interest, and only a very small number of souls from this planet are choosing to continue on to become Divine Beings. And no, this won’t change in the future because on a high-dimensional level, time does not exist. Everything that will ever happen, already has.


And honestly, this is not unusual and it’s the reason there’s not that many divine beings running around the galaxy.


Most souls (not just from this planet, but across the entire universe) get pretty tired of physical life experiences and the constant suffering that comes with it, and just want some peace and quiet in a loving environment when their journey reaches 6D ascension ❤️


And yeah: not everyone who is currently incarnated on Earth is approaching divinity for the first time. Some souls are not part of the ascension journey yet because they feel they are not ready and are choosing to remain in 3D for the foreseeable future. A few others, are here from 6D-9D, are already divine beings on the Higher Self level, and are incarnating physically to help out.



But the bottom line is this: 5D is not the end goal, not for anyone. 


Regardless of what soul path is chosen, the goal of every soul participating in the ascension journey is always the same: 6D Ascension (Divinity).

Because, 5D is not Divinity!!!!



I have no clue where anyone even got this idea from, in the first place 🤦‍♀️


5D is a physical dimension, there is still duality present (good and evil) and it is still a learning platform just like 3D is. Yes, it’s a helluva lot nicer than 3D - that’s for damn sure - but it most definitely is not a perfect heavenly place and being there, does not make you divine. 



5D Ascension is not a finish line. It is the first step to reaching your goal as a spiritual being.


The actual goal of everyone on this planet (yes, including starseeds) is the same: become a 6th Dimensional Ascended Master. Reach divinity.

My job, is to help you get there.

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My mentoring system

So what exactly is Ascension Mentoring á la Anita? What type of help would it involve?


It really depends on a case-by-case, because everyone is different. Like I said right from the start, this is a personalised service and it will be tailored specifically for you. 


The journey is shared but each path taken is unique. We each have different strengths, areas of expertise, lessons still to learn, skills to master and challenges to overcome. 


My job, as I see it, is to fill in the gaps to your skillset and learning - and those gaps are different for each of us.



But, generally speaking:


Ascension is the final physical step of each awakening cycle. Awakening is healing. So really, any ascension mentoring system worth its salt will be focused on those two things:

  1. Your healing journey

  2. Managing the aftermath of the ascension process - preferably, well ahead of time 😂



We will still be doing “healing sessions" but they would look a little different from a technical standpoint, and with some elements thrown in that will be specific to your journey:


  • Initial and ongoing energetic/vibration diagnostics, identifying blockages and unlocking doors to the next stage of your evolutionary healing process. Unhealed areas needing attention - anything preventing you from raising your vibration - will be brought to light to be dealt with. Ascension requires your energy to be clean. Like, really really clean.


  • Most definitely, some actual healing work. No matter where in the process you are, I assure you, you will require energy healing. 


  • Streamlining the process: energetic downloads, upgrades and activations as and when they are required. 


  • One-to-one mentorship. Knowledge shares, answers and explanations to your specific questions and needs. Guidance around what you need to be focusing on right now and what may be coming in next for you. Possible challenges to look out for in the near future and some ways in which you can deal with them (if you have to) or avoid them (if you don't).


  • Manifestation guidance for post-5D physical ascension. As you level up, your manifestation techniques need to do the same. Your general understanding of what manifestation really is about - as well as what you may or may not do without higher consequences - also needs to evolve and adapt.


  • Very possibly, some tough love. Let's face it: we all have our blind spots.