A (VERY) detailed description of what each level of consciousness looks and feels like - written by someone who's been to every single one

Last update: 25 November 2019

This guide is based on my own perception and experience of the dimensions. In other words, it is written from the perspective of a 6D level of consciousness, rather than the human 3D perspective.

(BTW: If you are not sure on what dimensions actually are, I did write an introductory post on the subject, and it may be a good place to start)

Just to be clear: the quantity (number of dimensions) that people talk about, doesn't matter.

Me personally: I break it down into 11 because I perceive 11 distinct levels from start to finish, as a bare minimum. It's possible to break them down even further - but, frankly, I don't see a justifiable reason to do that. 

But, it's also it's important to remember that we're talking about consciousness, which is subjective, and so the exact number of levels perceived can differ slightly from person to person, depending on what that person is able to comprehend and identify, and really: it doesn't matter.


What matters is the details thereof, that the list is complete - and, most importantly: what is able to be taken from each level in terms of experiences, learning and growth. This is what they exist for, in the first place 🤩

Seeing as I have recently completed my 9D ascension, this page is due for an update! I have SO much more to share. Watch this space, it's coming soon!!!

The 1st Dimension: Matter/Universal Collective

DNA strand

The level containing the building blocks of the physical universe

- atomic particles, sub-atomic particles, quantum particles, etc. 


The particles themselves are not sentient (self-aware), but they are alive - their purpose is to house consciousness, and as such, it is possible to communicate with them. I do so, all the time:)

In other words: the 1st dimension holds no consciousness of its own per se, but acts as a vehicle to carry consciousness into the physical world, by giving it a physical presence. The 1st dimension is what allows you to live inside a physical body. Simply put: the physical world cannot exist without this level.

1D houses the universal physical collective

Everything that exists (except for energy - i.e. consciousness) is made up of matter and, as such, this level represents the collective of everything and everyone that has a presence in the physical world - in the past, present or future, everywhere in the universe. 

It is at this level that we truly understand, in the visceral sense, that we are all one and that separateness is an illusion.

1D stores the Akashic records of the physical world

Linear time only exists in 3rd dimensional space; this means that at every other level of consciousness (including this one) and to varying degrees, time is perceived as non-linear: every moment occurs simultaneously as well as separately, and can be accessed from any point.

The 1st dimension, being the least linear of all physical planes as well as the level of physical unity, is the home to the Akashic records of the physical world (the recordings of all that was, is, and will be), and it is from here that it can be accessed via alpha (meditative) state.

1D is a powerhouse for manifestation work in the physical world

If you really want to level up your manifestation game, you do it here, in the 1st dimension.


How? By communicating directly with the specific quantum particles that you want to change. That's what I do when I'm manifesting, and it's the only manifestation method I use. Why? Because it's effective beyond imagination. I'm not saying it will be a piece of cake to master, but believe me: it is worth the work. If you're not quite sure where to even start, start with my Ascension Mentoring services 😉 Ascension into 5D consciousness (as a bare minimum) is a pre-requisite for this method to work.

The 2nd Dimension: Lower Astral Plane /Ego Consciousness

This is the level of pure ego and separation

i.e. no perception of anything but "self"; pure self-absorption, pure selfishness, containing mainly negative polarities of energy (fear-based energies - anger, hate, shame, etc). Some nightmares are experienced from this level of consciousness. The negative aspects of duality have to come from someplace, right? This is the place.

2D is an astral plane

containing elementals and other energies - parasites, viruses, bacteria, environmental forces - those negative energies which are alive but not sentient, i.e having no self-awareness and being manipulated by outside forces. As such, they cannot be controlled or reasoned with and the only recourse is auric cleansing and protection. Or, elimination.

2D is the centre of our most critical healing needs

In simplest terms, this level houses the darkest aspects of our shadow/ego self - the parts of ourselves that are the most painful and difficult to confront and/or accept; the aspects of our consciousness most on need of healing and that which we MUST heal in order to truly love ourselves. When you're doing your deepest shadow work, this is where you're doing it from.

This level contains the most crucial first steps in the journey towards healing and growth. My view is that the 5th dimension cannot be physically accessed until such time that this level has been completely healed and resolved.


Our planet is mass-shedding karma through the targeted triggering of 2D energies

specifically, viral and bacteria outbreaks, polical instabilities, trending social issues, etc.

Let's back up for a second:

The 2nd dimension houses everything that needs to be shed in order for ascension to happen, right? Right. It also houses viral and bacterial energies. See where I'm going with this? 2 Birds. One stone.

As a healer, I already know that every illness in existence carries a signature physical imprint (physical symptoms). You know this, too. What you might not know, is that every illness also carries a signature astral (i.e. emotional/mental) imprint. I've seen these signatures over and over again, to such an extent that I am often able to provide a diagnosis solely on the basis of the astral energies at play. For example, cancer = anger, sinusitis = stress, COVID = fear. And so on. (Fun fact about Covid, though, right? 😬)

So what happens during a global pandemic? Mass clearing of fear imprints on the global population, that's what.

I'm adding just one example here, but you see what I'm getting at...


The 3rd Dimension: The Lower Physical World

City sky-view

The physical world, as perceived by Humans and other Earthlings

based on a linear-time/space reality (and the only level of consciousness to do so).


This is a level of duality (positive vs negative polarities) and heavy karmic energy. Those living at this level have little or no control over their larger environment and manifestation abilities are heavily limited, and even further impeded by karmic forces and other factors.

Physical senses are limited to 5 (i.e. sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) and, in some cases, limited further - guys, I want to state for the record that those having fewer than 5 functioning senses (i.e. a disability)  is not related to that individual's level of spiritual development. It's a pre-birth choice made for the purposes of accelerating growth, that's all, and can happen at any point of the evolutionary process. 

Purely 3rd dimensional beings (i.e. pre-awakening) possess low levels of self-awareness and an overall perception of separation from the collective. No awareness of higher levels of consciousness exists here, and individuals are deeply rooted in their 2nd-dimensional ego self - and, as such, live at the mercy of their ego/fear-based emotions and reactions as well as karmic cause and effect. 

Heavy karmic influences also mean that life lessons are much harsher at this level of physical reality. Individuals experience traumatic events throughout the course of their lives as a means to break down their karmic energy and strip away attachment to the ego-self - and, in doing so, to facilitate movement in terms of personal growth.

3D is where Human (and Earth's) COLLECTIVE consciousness lives

On an individual level it can (and does) vary but, in general, this level is still the majority norm on Planet Earth.

The 4th Dimension: Higher Astral Plane /Collective Unconscious

The level of thoughts, feelings, as well as the unconscious mind

the 4th dimension houses the collective unconscious of those individuals living in 3rd dimensional physical space. Thoughts and feelings cannot exist in linear-time reality, for this reason they are housed separately from the 3rd dimension. (So, what I am saying, is that all 3D earthlings are actually in a simultaneous 3D/4D state of being.)

4D is the higher astral plane

This is the level of memory, imagination, dream state, higher-level nightmares, astral-projection and the lower spirit realm. It's also the level initially - and most commonly - reached by 3rd dimensional beings when in alpha (meditative) state.


Side note: 5D is only reached by Humans in alpha state after prolonged exposure/practice and after sufficient personal growth has occurred to facilitate access to that level. Most Humans cannot reach 6D at all - because it requires having the absence of karmic energy. Which is still extremely rare, unfortunately.

Home to dark astral beings, as well as light astral beings who have not yet achieved a higher level of growth (some elementals etc), astral abuse is a common occurrence here and auric cleansing and protection is advised.

This is also the level most commonly accessed by psychic/mediums and the like. Your deceased loved ones and personal guides may enter here in order to communicate with you, but they do not necessarily live here.

The 4th dimension is a level of illusions

This level of consciousness contains duality (positive vs negative polarities) and, as such, information gained here cannot necessarily be trusted to be the truth, unless you are certain that you are receiving the information from a credible source. In other words, information accessed here may be correct, but it may also be misleading, fear/ego-based in nature or even an outright lie, depending on the motives of the source.

Information received from this level should be regarded with caution, and learning to distinguish fact from fiction is a major lesson for 3rd dimensional beings, particularly during the awakening process. 

4D beings really enjoy messing with us. I'm not kidding.

Murky lake scene

4D provides an important learning platform for 3D consciousness

Because this is the level at which human feelings and the subconscious mind reside, it is here that negative feelings, ego-based feelings and karmic energy is most readily addressed by human beings for the purposes of healing and growth.

Unlike the 2nd dimension, the negative aspects of consciousness which are housed here are lighter, more diluted, and less painful / difficult to confront and heal. This means that the 4th dimension is usually the first stage reached in meditation and healing work, until such time that sufficient growth has occurred to enable enough courage to face the more painful 2nd dimensional aspects of the psyche. 

Thereafter, most healing tends to take place in 2nd and 4th dimensional consciousness simultaneously.

It is also here that 3rd dimensional individuals first become aware of the concept of manifestation and where they are first able to explore it in more detail, in a safe and consequence-free environment (dream state, fantasy, etc.). 

The 4th dimensional is, in essence, a lower level of magic where all things are possible. Through continued exposure to this level, even using passive methods such as dreaming, the individual is able to expand their awareness of higher states of being until such time as they are able to understand these ideas in their normal waking (3-D) state.

In other words: it is here that 3rd dimensional beings experience their first spark of awakening.

Bridge steps, leading into a fog

The 5th Dimension: Higher Physical World & 5D Collective Consciousness

Blurry beach scene
Beautiful beach with standing rocks

5D is the highest level of consciousness able to sustain physical life

In other words: if you're really wanting to hold on to your physical body, this is as far up as it's possible to go. 

Earth's collective consciousness (Gaia) is in the midst of the (very long) process of transitioning from the 3D to 5D. What people are calling New Earth. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the term "New Earth" - it's dismissive of the journey, and based on a complete misunderstanding of what Ascension is really about. I find the phrase "New Earth" to be very misleading - perhaps deliberately so. But I'll get to that later.


This process began in 2012, and will take centuries to complete. Because of the complexity involved, Earth is now able to sustain 3rd and 5th dimensional physical life simultaneously in order to accommodate those people who have already transitioned. What do I mean? I mean there are currently two separate physical dimensions here on Earth. Yes, really.

A small percentage of people (and I don't just mean humans!!!) are already physically anchored at this level of consciousness (for example, moi) and many more are energetically fluctuating back and forth between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions, until such time that enough growth has occurred for them to make a permanent (and physical) transition.

This energetic fluctuation of the consciousness is what we call "Awakening". The permanent physical transition, is called "Ascension". 

The ascension timeline is different for everyone. Above everything, ascension is a personal journey, and the timeline is based on how much time that particular person needs to complete the inner work necessary to raise their physical vibrational frequency to one which matches 5D consciousness. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

While Earth houses two levels of physical life simultaneously, it is important to understand that this division and duality is only perceivable by those who are at the 5th dimensional consciousness level - and for a very simple reason: 5th dimensional aspects simply do not exist in 3rd dimensional space and, therefore, cannot be perceived by those who are there.

The 5th dimension represents a more evolved and complex version of physical life

This level is of a non-linear time/space reality and, as such, is able to contain physical life as well as the thoughts and feelings of the individuals living here. This makes telepathic communication the most common and preferred method of communication for those people who have been there a while - because being a skill to be learned, telepathy takes time to master if you are new to the ascension experience.

Being a physical plane of existence, a "passing of time" is still perceived here, but in a different way to the way time is perceived in 3rd dimensional space. 5th dimensional beings understand that time is an illusion and, therefore, approach it as such - and have fun with it! 

A 5th dimensional being is able to see and access all points in their timeline and beyond. This is one of the reasons why concepts like "fear of death" simply do not exist in 5th dimensional space.

There are significant differences in physical life here; in the overall appearance of things as well as in the societal structures and the way individuals interact with and treat each other.

Concepts that are seen as being absolute in 3rd dimensional space, are more fluid and complex here - some examples include: gender identity and roles, relationship structures, systems of "government" and the roles of different members and/or species within a society. In a 5th dimensional society, all members are treated as equals - irrespective of species, position, age, etc.

In order to ascend to 5D, individuals have already mastered the lower levels (1st - 4th dimensions) to the point where they have shed the majority of their karma and have become fully self-aware (within themselves, although not within the collective). 5th Dimensional Beings have a better understanding of physical as well as energetic form, and of themselves, and therefore have awareness of, and insight into, their subconscious and unconscious minds. This internal awareness is the source of 5D power and abilities - because, guys: you already have this power inside of you right now. Even in 3D. It's only a matter of allowing it out, allowing it to shine 😁

Another aspect of this awareness is more control over physical matter - including one's own body. A 5th dimensional individual is aware of every cell in their body, giving them greater control over things like self-healing, aging, pregnancy, etc. 

This level contains a larger and more complex sensory spectrum - for example, senses are not limited to 5 (I have almost 15 senses, and counting), larger colour spectrum and colours themselves appear incandescent and more complex, physical matter - and energy - feels and looks different. The list is endless.

Generally there is symbiosis between members within a society, between different species as well as between individuals and their environment. There are exceptions, but I will get to that in a minute.

Karmic energy still exists here but is lighter and easier to clear. At the very least, individuals have more insight into their own karma and/or healing needs, and are generally more open to confronting and healing their remaining issues. However, at this level they have the freedom over whether or not to do so, as well as the understanding that failure to commit to further growth prevents them from entering 6th-11th dimensional space EVER - because duality cannot be carried further than the 5th. In other words: you cannot enter 6D and higher, until you have cleared 100% of your karmic energy.

So what does this freedom to choose, mean in the practical sense? It means that not everyone chooses to align themselves with the Light.

Guys, this is so, so important, and I cannot stress this enough: 5D is the home of Lightwork, but it is also the home of sorcery and Black Magic.


In many ways, 5D is more far dangerous than 3D, because the dark beings living there are immensely more powerful.

5D is a physical plane and ALSO an astral plane

This idea is not as complex as it first appears. All it means, is that physical and non-physical beings live here and that they are not separated by frequency - making it possible for them to be aware of and interact with each other very easily. It's kinda awesome to experience. A 5th dimensional physical individual is able to communicate with a deceased loved one as if no separation between them exists - which it now doesn't, in point of fact. Higher dimensional beings are also able to project themselves here, without needing to incarnate physically. This is useful sometimes, like for the purposes of teaching.


Most personal guides, elementals, light as well as dark astral beings, and some ascended masters and angels live at this level of reality, as teaching and healing occurs here. 3rd dimensional beings who have achieved sufficient growth to access this level while in alpha (meditative) state, do so for this purpose - for example: visiting your starseed family via meditation 🤩

Coastline with large rock "stepping stones"

5D is a learning platform and stepping stone into higher-dimensional consciousness

Anyone who has ever met me knows that this is something that really annoys me: the depiction of the 5th dimension as some kind of "heaven" where everything is perfect and easy. I want to emphasize that this is not necessarily the case.

This is still a level of duality; negative aspects are present and the beings living here, are here to learn and grow. With growth, come challenges. 5D is a higher level of consciousness, and it can be argued that 5th dimensional challenges are much harder and more complex than 3rd dimensional ones. However, due to the lighter karmic influence, lessons experienced here can be as easy (or as difficult) as the individual chooses to impose on themselves. In the 5th dimension, individuals are masters of their own fate - but, being the master of your fate takes time to master. That initial transition will likely be bumpy.

5D represents physical life in perfect balance: Individuals have understanding of 1st dimensional consciousness (physical unity) as well as an increased awareness into higher levels (divinity/unity of consciousness).

This means that, in 5th dimensional life, the concepts of unity and divinity are explored as life lessons.

Whereas the 3rd dimension is a learning platform for recognizing oneself as divine (and, of course, for recognizing the mere existence of a "bigger picture" in the first place), the 5th dimension is a platform for learning how to incorporate that knowledge in a real-world, day-to-day capacity, as well as for developing one's relationship with the collective consciousness.

In other words: the 5th dimension teaches you how to live as a divine being, rather than just understanding that you are one.

What does that mean in a practical sense?

It means developing accountability and control over one's reality (manifestation, etc), but also learning the difference between what is to be controlled, and what is to be let go of - what is not yours to control or to take for yourself. 

It also means learning to see and experience oneself as part of the collective - self-sacrifice, unconditional love and empathy are prominent life lessons here and will heavily feature in a person's soul contract. Taking responsibility for one's own actions, and not abusing the power you have been given access to. Developing a personal code of ethics without having anyone to tell you what is right or wrong and one which is not motivated by a system of punishment or reward - and maintaining the strength that it takes to uphold those ethics, every day.

5D life means learning, in a very real sense, what it means to be authentically powerful.

The 6th Dimension: Divine Geometry

6D is the first of the divine levels of consciousness

meaning that duality no longer exists and only positive aspects are present.

The line between individual and group consciousness becomes murkier at these levels and both states of being (individual vs collective) exist in unison.

Because of the absence of duality, the divine levels can only be accessed by those individuals who have shed all personal karma and have self-actualised (reached 6D ascension).

This, like all divine levels, is a level containing pure love - but this is not to be confused with the human emotion of love, because human emotions do not exist here. The love experienced in the divine levels cannot be articulated into human language and must be experienced firsthand if it is to be understood - it is bigger, purer, more beautiful and all-encompassing - and in actuality, not a feeling at all but a state of being. 

From this level up, physical form also does not exist and those beings living here have only energetic bodies, which they can alter at will - and which they do. They may choose physical form if they wish but, in order to do so, they must birth themselves into a physical body at a lower level (like I did, for instance) - i.e. incarnate into a lower-form version of themselves (an avatar), which then has to go through their own awakening/ascension process.

6D is the level of sacred geometry

In simple terms, sacred geometry is the energetic template (the blueprint) that forms the basis for the lower levels. The 6th dimension is where the physical world is created.

In order for something to exist in the 1st - 5th dimensions, it has to first exist here. But, on this level, the complexities and details of life are stripped down to their most basic, underlying core nature. By this I mean that existence is simplified to the point that it is pure raw consciousness - untainted in its nature and purpose. By stripping away the details which actually prevent it from vibrating at full capacity, this core energy expands: becomes bigger and more complex. It is allowed to be what it is, with no limitations.

Existence, when perceived from the perspective of sacred geometry, is too complex for the human mind to understand fully and the brain translates this complexity into physical size in order to rationalize it - this is why the human mind perceives higher dimensional beings as being much larger than, say, a human. Humans always say that angels, etc, are very very big, huge - but this is just the physical brain, attempting to cope with such an expansive presence. (FYI This is also why 5D starseeds appear taller) 

In reality, concepts like "size" do not exist outside of physical space, and there is no such thing as "size" or "space" or "time" in 6D.

Everything at this level exists primarily in its pure geometric form - but understanding and interpretation of this is dependent on the visitor's level of growth. So, what I mean is: if you are not a 6D being yourself, and are to travel to the 6th via alpha (meditative) state, you are unlikely to experience the geometry for yourself. Your brain will translate the information into a format it can understand. You will likely see a lot of luminescent light, and a bunch of humanoid-shaped etheric entities running around. 

6D houses those who have chosen to live in service of the collective

Others, do not live here.

In other words: those individuals who have self-actualised to this degree but have NOT chosen a life of service (because not everyone does), move directly into 10D as part of the Divine Collective, cease to function as an individual and have no further contact with the physical world at all.

The 6th dimension is a bridge dimension between the higher and lower dimensions - its primary function is to house higher dimensional beings responsible for the creation and overseeing of the physical world.

6D houses ALL those individuals commonly referred to as angels, cosmic masters, higher-level ascended masters, gods and goddesses, elders, devas, etc. In reality, these titles and descriptions hold little meaning as they are actually all more-or-less the same thing. These words and categorisations were not created by us, they were created by Human Beings - as a way for the human mind to interpret the purpose of those who have evolved beyond the ego consciousness and physical form, who have evolved to god consciousness and who devote themselves to helping others.

Regardless of title/categorisation, everyone in 6D shares one common purpose: to create the lower levels, to work with those still in the lower levels, to guide and assist them in their growth process until such time that they too, self-actualise. We are all on exactly the same journey, some of us are just a little older and a little further ahead is all.

6D (along with higher levels) bears little resemblance to the lower levels of duality

Individuals living here are fully actualized, not only within themselves but also as part of the collective (group consciousness). They understand and view themselves as part of a larger whole and everything they do is for the good of the collective. They are free to move through higher levels of consciousness (7th dimension and up) if they choose, but "live" in 6D - in order to maintain contact with those at lower levels, because beyond the 6th dimension, communication as we know it is no longer possible. 

The average human mind perceives these beings as appearing "human" - although much larger and far more beautiful. This is because it is easier for the human mind to process and understand a form resembling their own. Most human beings simply cannot psychologically withstand the idea of a higher being that does not look human, I'm afraid.

Occasionally, 6D Beings are perceived in their original starseed form (their original physical form prior to self-actualisation). In my experience, this is pretty rare here on Earth - unless the "perceiver" themselves are of starseed descent. 

This is why there is no consensus on what higher dimensional beings actually look like - their "appearance" is dependent on what the viewer is ready to see, understand and accept into their worldview.

Close-up of a plant, showing the geometric aspect to the leaves
Beautiful intricate spider-web close-up
Close-up of bubbles

6D is a platform for overseeing and communication with the lower dimensions

As mentioned, this is the highest level at which conventional forms of communication are still possible. However, it is important to understand that this is often only practiced here for the benefit of those who are visiting from lower levels, to help them interpret the message, and is not the standard from of communication between those who live here.  

Most interaction and communication at this (and all divine levels) exists through a blending/merging of consciousness.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

It can be a lot of things. It can be a brief merging of consciousness (high-level form of telepathy). It can be longer, for sex (yes, sex is a thing in the non-physical world too). In the 6th dimension, it's common for Twin Flame energies to also exist in a permanent state of union (always geometric form) as well as in their individual "body" projections simultaneously. In higher dimensions, especially 7D - 9D, entire soul clusters like to merge into one, for a "family reunion" type of experience. It might sound weird but it's really pretty amazing. I have experienced this in 6D too, but I get the sense that it is less common for soul clusters to merge in 6th dimensional space - i.e. it only happens on special occasions.

This level of consciousness is mainly used as a bridge between the lower levels and group consciousness.

Lower levels are watched over, guided, and altered through blueprint adjustments, here. New blueprints can also be created at this level.

Information and/or blueprint alterations may be transferred to those who visit here in alpha state  - what I call an energetic "download", because the message is rarely understood in waking state but rather, absorbed into the consciousness so that it can be worked through the waking mind in its own time.

In this way, the 6th dimension is also used as a high-level teaching and healing platform.

Field scene, illustrating repeated geometric patterns

The 7th Dimension: Divine Sound

Laser lights as metaphor for sound waves

The second divine level of consciousness

From this level up, form no longer exists, and those who live here express themselves as sound frequencies and the flowing patterns these sound frequencies create. Should someone from here wish to take on form, they must downgrade their energy (move down to a lower level of consciousness) to do so.

Spirals - being the source code that creates the underlying structure to sacred geometry (6th dimensional space) as well as sound frequencies (7th dimensional space) - can also be perceived and created at this level of consciousness. 

Communication as we know it is no longer possible from this level up, and only exists as a merging of consciousness, usually into smaller soul-group clusters. This makes it difficult to articulate the experiences and knowledge gained at these levels, into human language.

Laser show as metaphor for sound waves

7D represents the creation platform for sound frequencies

This is important because sound frequencies are, in a sense, the building blocks of energy - in other words, they can be used to create energy patterns which may or may not manifest into the physical world, depending on their function.

The 7th dimension is, in essence, the foundation stage for 6D sacred geometry and for the physical world that exists in the levels below that. Everything that is possible to do in 6D, is also possible in 7D - but here, it is done through the use of sound frequencies rather than energetic patterns.

Sound healing is possible at all lower levels of consciousness too, but it is here that the frequencies originate. 

I is here that frequencies can be altered and coded to perform specific functions for the purposes of manifestation and targeted healing techniques.

Sound frequencies can also be created here, from scratch, for the same purposes, by those who have mastered this skill.

FYI: When I do sound healing work in my energy healing sessions, I do it from here. 

While those beings living here have no direct contact with the lower dimensions, those who visit 7D can use it for the purposes of advanced sound healing work and/or to expand and explore advanced manifestation methods.

Information and/or blueprint alterations may also be transferred to those who visit here in alpha state (via sound frequencies, in this case)  - what I call a "download", because the message is rarely understood in waking state but rather, absorbed into the consciousness so that it can be worked through the waking mind in its own time.

In this way, the 7th dimension is also used as a high-level teaching and healing platform.

The 8th Dimension: Divine Colour

The third divine level of consciousness

From this level up, sound no longer exists and individuals living here express themselves as flowing, shifting and merging color patterns. Should an individual here wish to take on form or sound, they must move down to a lower level in order to do so.

Communication only exists as a merging of consciousness. This makes it difficult to articulate the experiences and knowledge gained at these levels, into human language.


Spirals, being the source pattern that creates the underlying structure to sacred geometry (6-D) as well as sound frequencies (7-D), can also still be perceived and created at this level of consciousness.

The mystic concept of "Correspondence" is at its most visible in 8D

"Correspondence" is the idea that the same patterns exist in the universe, over and over again, but are only expressed/projected differently in different forms. (For example, the color green corresponds to the Heart Chakra, which corresponds to the circulatory system in animals, which corresponds to the herb Cilantro (Coriander), which corresponds to the scent of Peppermint. And so on. By "correspond", I mean that all these different things, although appearing unrelated to each other, all carry the same underlying energy pattern and, because of this core-connection, possess the ability to influence each other.)

The concept of Correspondence has been taught in every mystic teaching throughout history and applied in various ways in each one - most notably, in almost all traditional healing methods, throughout the world.


Correspondence also applies to the levels of consciousness.

The same patterns are repeated in every dimension. In other words: every level contains the same thing and only appears different because consciousness is interpreted and/or projected differently at each of these levels.


This pattern of repetition is far more visible in the divine levels, and at its MOST visible here, in the 8th dimension - this is because in 8-D, virtually so much has been stripped away that there is nothing left to obscure it from view. 

In this way, the 8th dimension becomes the best platform for developing knowledge and understanding of this topic.

8D represents the creation platform for color patterns

Everything that is possible to do in 6-D and 7-D, is possible here - but here, it is done through the use of color.

Color exists at all lower levels of consciousness but it is here that the color patterns originate.

Therefore, it is here that they can be altered and manipulated (coded) to perform specific functions for the purposes of manifestation and targeted healing techniques. Color-based energy patterns can also be created here, from scratch, for the same purposes, by those who have mastered this skill.

While the individuals living here have no direct contact with the lower levels, those who visit here may use this level of consciousness for the purposes of advanced color healing techniques and/or to expand and explore advanced manifestation methods.

Information and/or blueprint alterations may also be transferred to those who visit here in alpha state (via color-based energy patterns, in this case)  - what I call a "download", because the message is rarely understood in waking state but rather, absorbed into the consciousness so that it can be worked through the waking mind in its own time.

In this way, the 8th dimension is also used as a high-level teaching and healing platform.

Close up of colour dye
Close up of running paint

The 9th Dimension: Divine Light / I AM Presence

White smoke
White mist spray

The fourth (and final) divine level of consciousness

The 9th dimension can only be described as pure, raw consciousness, which we perceive as crystalline, prismatic white light and which we experience as pure knowledge.

As in all divine levels, communication only exists as a merging of consciousness. This makes it difficult to articulate the experiences and knowledge gained at these levels, into human language. All I can say of this experience is that is deeply profound - because, in 9-D, nothing is hidden from you. Everything makes sense.

This is the highest level of consciousness at which you can still perceive yourself as an individual. That being said, holding onto individual consciousness in 9-D requires a great deal of focus and effort, and can only be achieved for brief periods of time. Rather, you may experience that your consciousness merges in and out of the collective throughout your visit here - almost like a wave flowing in and out of the ocean.

9D houses the "I AM Presence"

While 6D is where you find yourself stripped of ego consciousness, here in 9D you are stripped of all identity markers altogether.

In other words: you may understand that you are YOU, but that's really as far as that that understanding goes - the details of what it means to be you, can only be accessed by moving down to a lower level. The details of your personality, names, labels etc. simply do not exist here.

The idea of losing one's identity is a terrifying notion to most humans, because human consciousness is rooted in the ego-self - causing it to believe that without our identity, we are nothing.

In fact, the opposite is true.

When we experience ourselves stripped of identity markers, we are able understand that there was something so much bigger hidden away underneath it all and that our identity markers actually placed limitations on us. We find ourselves face to face with our authentic self : our "I AM Presence"

What is the I AM Presence? Simply put: it is the soul.

Pure unadulterated power, needing no labels or definitions, undefinable in its limitlesness. 

The I AM Presence is everything. Sees everything. Knows everything. Understands everything. It just, IS.

9D represents the creation platform for energy patterns

This level contains only 2 aspects: white light (raw energy, i.e. consciousness) and dark matter.

The 9th dimension is where raw energy can be altered and manipulated (coded) to perform specific functions for the purposes of manifestation and targeted healing techniques.


New energy can also be created here, from scratch, for the same purposes, by those who have mastered this skill.

Those of you who are into science know that energy cannot truly be created or destroyed but that dark matter can be converted into energy.

This process is what makes it possible for the universe to continue to expand.

So, when I talk about "creating new energy", I am talking about this process: making something out of (what appears to be) nothing at all.

While the individuals living here have no direct contact with the lower levels, those who visit here may use this level of consciousness for the purposes of advanced healing techniques and/or to expand and explore advanced manifestation methods.

Information and/or blueprint alterations may also be transferred to those who visit here in alpha state (via raw consciousness, in this case)  - what I call a "download", because the message is rarely understood in waking state but rather, absorbed into the consciousness so that it can be worked through the waking mind in its own time.

In this way, the 9th dimension is also used as a high-level teaching and healing platform.

The 10th Dimension: Source / Collective Consciousness

The level of absolute unity

Perception of oneself as an individual is no longer possible from this level up - only the collective exists. In other words, in 10D, you have effectively crossed through the boundaries of your own consciousness and have reached the place where everyone else is - only to find that you are there, too, and that everyone is ONE.


The human mind finds it difficult to process such a complete loss of individuality and, as such, it is extremely difficult to access this level in alpha (meditative) state while still housed in a human body. That being said, with enough practice and discipline, it can be done.

For those who have mastered this ability, it is difficult retain any memory of 10D experiences once back in a normal waking state. In other words, you will remember that you were here, that the experience was beautiful and you may even remember some small details here and there, but the details themselves are like pieces of a puzzle that cannot be put back together into a proper "memory", and are difficult to articulate to others.

Because of the absence of individuality, this level is experienced as a place of absolute peace, offering deep solace and profound inner healing to those who visit. There are no objectives in 10-D other than to just be - which, let's face it, is very relaxing - and returning from a visit here leaves you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and complete.

It's difficult to ascertain exactly how many sub-levels 10D is actually made up of -

largely because this distinction is not possible to make in the absence of the individual consciousness!

My feeling is that this level is really made up of (at least) 3 separately-identifiable levels, bringing the total number of dimensions to 13.

I list it here as one level - the 10th dimension - for the sake of simplicity, and because while visiting Group Consciousness, I have never been able to sufficiently identify clear-enough distinguishing markers to warrant splitting it up any further. 


10D houses the collective consciousness of everything in existence 


this means human, other species, plant, planetary and even extra-terrestrial consciousness.

The belief that other types of life do not fall into the same category as, say, a human, is one built on the mistaken premise of separateness, but let me be clear: separateness is an illusion. We are all one, and it is here in 10-D that we truly understand what this means.

In this level, we understand the extent to which we harm ourselves by harming others - more importantly, we realize how much those others really mean to us. It is a feeling beyond empathy: pure, absolute love for everything and everyone. Really, it's indescribable.

Experiencing this level forever alters your perception of yourself in relation to others.

The ocean
Galaxy flare

The 11th Dimension: Source / Creation Platform

This is the level from which everything originates

Certainly, when I access this level of consciousness, there is a definite feeling of being an "observer" and of not being able to fully immerse in the experience. That being said, my view is that, like all levels of consciousness, immersion IS possible here - and that it is only the memory of immersion, after returning here, that is not possible to retain in waking state. In other words, we return to the physical world and immediate forget the immersive experience, because our brains simply cannot cope.

Each level of consciousness feels stronger, more intense, than the level below it, and in 11D the experience is magnified to the point where it is like raw electricity; akin to a front-row seat to the birth of a star: intense and complex beyond description and impossible to fully understand while housed in a human body. That being said, experiencing this level does not need to be rationalized or understood in order to be able to be appreciated:)

The birth of the universe - as well as the continued expansion of the universe (the birth of new souls) - can be witnessed while visiting this level of consciousness. 

On the first visit, it's also common to remember/witness one's own birth - by this I mean the birth of your soul (your I AM presence) and soul-cluster (soulmates, soul family etc). 

11D, while being tremendously intense and very often overwhelming, is also a place that is deeply comforting to visit, and the experience is reminiscent of being a child in the arms of a (very loving) parent - and well worth the work and personal growth required in order to reach it:)