Healing, for the incurable and the untreatable

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Organ Failure & Dysfunction


Terminal Illness

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What's the catch?

There's no catch - because I'm not offering a quick fix solution. 

Quick fixes don't exist.

What I'm offering is real healing. Let's talk about what that means:

healing is a journey you and i take together:

Your wellbeing is dependant on many different components: blueprint layers, your soul contract and karmic imprint, your belief system, ethics and perceptions, as well as your chakras and physical body itself.

Your body and mind are an extension of your soul. They are the means by which your soul projects itself into the physical world.


Their natural state is to be happy, healthy and in control 

- to be a perfect mirror image of your soul.

An imperfect state - such as illness - happens when there is a breakdown in communication between your body and your soul.

The Body-Soul Communication Process

The communication between your soul and your body is carried through energy: it flows via your consciousness (your aura) and into your body. 

When I talk about your "energy", I'm referring to this flow and the extent to which your body-soul communication is clear, strong and functioning correctly.

The process flow is made up of many different components (the Infographic here is only a simplified outline of this process)

Why Do We Get Sick?

When blockages form along this path, if left unchecked they will eventually filter down into the body and create physical damage. This is where illness comes from.

The more serious (important) the blockage, the more serious the illness.

Incurable illness happens when there are multiple blockages across many (if not all) of these components.

Your body simply cannot function or survive without this constant communication - it is this flow of energy that keeps it alive, in the first place.

Every healing method currently in use - I'm talking about western medicine as well as alternative treatments - deals with healing only SOME of these components. 

This is where I am unique: I look at every component; I focus on it all.

You cannot be a bystander in your own healing process.

This is impossible. 

I can heal and reverse the physical damage or symptoms but this is not enough to achieve long-term results.

Your problem - whatever it is - is there for a reason.

The key to healing the "incurable" and "untreatable" is collaboration, and commitment to healing that underlying source.

Real and permanent healing is only achieved when it happens across ALL affected levels:


and it all starts with the courage to take that first step


How many healing sessions will you need?


It really does depend on your specific case and the nature of your illness.

In my experience, though: the longer a condition has been around, the longer it takes to clear it away. That's a much bigger factor than the severity of the condition. 


Because illness that has been there for years (or since birth) is deeply embedded into your cellular structure and your subconscious mind. In order to heal it I actually have to remove its imprint on your DNA and blueprint. 

That's pretty complicated work, and it does take time.

That doesn't mean that you won't see any positive results in the meantime - of course you will.

It just means that the end result will not come overnight. It will happen gradually.

Ultimately, the more time and effort you put into your healing process, the faster the results come.


my Healing Techniques 

I use a variety of methods to achieve my powerful results, but they do all have one thing in common:

these methods are ONLY used by me.

Some are techniques I have created and developed from scratch.

Others are ancient systems of healing, already in use throughout the world, that I have tweaked to better suit my unique methods. In other words: I do them differently.

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Energetic Blueprint Alteration

Reverse Engineering

Energy Medicine

Sound Therapy

Energetic Surgery

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Soul Retrieval (Dissociation Healing)

Karmic Clearing

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Energy Upgrade & Realignment


Are there any side effects?

Yes, every effective healing method has side-effects,

for a very good reason: side-effects are your body's response to the healing process. Their presence mean that something inside of you is changing.

During the session I do work on minimizing side-effects but they are an unavoidable consequence of healing and can't be eliminated completely.

Mild side effects can include flu-like symptoms, or lethargy. This is a detox reaction and the best way to manage this is to drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can. It should pass in a couple of days.

On the other hand, you may feel WONDERFUL: energized, exuberant. This you can just enjoy:)

Typically, your INITIAL side-effects will be dependent on the nature of your illness and you'll find that they resemble what you experienced with western medical treatments.

For example:

Cancer sufferers often experience extreme exhaustion, emotional flux, physical aches and pains or even nausea from my healing sessions (almost like Chemotherapy side-effects). This is the body's response to the cells of the body being attacked and broken down. Losing that many cells in one go (whether they are cancerous or not) is always traumatic for the body - hence the side-effects. The only difference with my treatment is that it ONLY targets the cancerous cells.

After a few sessions, the physical side-effects do seem to fade considerably.


You may also experience emotional side-effects as the source of the illness is brought to light. Emotions you may not been previously aware of (commonly: anger), will come up to the surface. The feeling can be overwhelming, even confusing, at times.

The best way to manage this is to confront it head on. Allow the process to take its natural course, because whatever emotions are there, are there for a reason. The key here is to face up to what you are feeling, figure out where it is coming from, accept it, accept yourself, and then let that emotion go. Let that purge happen. You'll be better for it.

Common Problem Areas 

Every healing session is unique.

I cannot anticipate what I will find in your energy, but somewhere in that special mix I always seem to find some of these, too.

Whatever does come up in your session, you can rest assured: it will be taken care of.

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Inner Child Healing

The Chakras

Cord Removal



How will we measure your progress and results?

It's simple:

I will request that you continue to receive regular medical checkups to monitor your progress and results (the nature and frequency of these will, of course, depend on the nature of your illness or condition).


Regardless of whether or not you are also undergoing medical treatment at the same time (for example: Chemotherapy), it is crucial to maintain transparency on your physical status with tests conducted by a medical professional.

Your health and safety is of paramount importance to me,

and it is very important for both you and I to be able to keep solid track of how your physical body is responding to the energetic treatment. You: for health, safety and security reasons - and me: because full, continued transparency on your physical condition means that I can continue to help you in the best way possible.


Pricing Options

I believe that chronic healthcare should be accessible to everyone and I keep my rates as low as I can.


I also offer discounts on longer bookings, which can be set up and split up any way you like!

45 Min Session
Standard Option
1.5 Hours
works out to $110/Hr
Most Popular
3 Hours
works out to $100/Hr
5  Hours
works out to $90/Hr
Best Deal
10 Hours
works out to $80/Hr

Find out how I can help you

Contact me to discuss your needs or to answer any questions you may have:

I'm here to help you. 

I operate internationally and remotely: I do all my work from a higher dimensional state - your physical location DOESN'T MATTER and you don't have to make ANY changes to your day on account of me!

My working hours fluctuate: If I am awake, I will reply promptly - no matter what time it is. 

I’m committed to your privacy. I use the information you provide me to contact you about relevant content and services. The information you provide here will not be used for marketing or other purposes.

For more information, check out my Privacy Policy.

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Some nice things that people have said about me

She is highly skilled, has an excellent intuitive sense and she cares very deeply about each one of her clients...I can highly recommend Anita...

-Dr. Wilna Dirkse van Schalkwyk, 

Founder of the SA Centre for Sound Therapy

I have never experienced that kind of channeling with any other healer... Anita has been able to provide a diagnosis and treat illnesses where conventional medicine has not helped.

- Kasia

She has helped me to grow spiritually and emotionally....I'm eternally grateful for the healing she has provided my puppy, the change in him was immediate....

-Avika & Tiger

Anita helped me to spot my inconsistent behavioral patterns,  broaden my perspective, reinforce my courage and make better decisions...

- Tatyana