What you are feeling are the effects of an Etheric Cord

An Etheric Cord is exactly that: an energetic cord. It forms between two people and links them together after they have strongly bonded emotionally in some way.

You don't know this about me, but I refer to other species as "people", too -

So what I really mean is that an Etheric Cord can form between any two living beings. It is not specific to species. Inter-species cords are very common - energy doesn't care what species you are.

Cords are the way in which a strong emotional bond manifests itself energetically.


Everything that exists has an energetic output.

Their location is determined by the nature of the emotions involved.

It will attach itself to the most appropriate place in your body depending on the type of emotional connection it is related to.

This can be your chakras, your organs or any other place which is deemed appropriate.

Two people can have multiple cords connecting them.

Etheric cords are about the emotional connection. That means that a relationship that is multifaceted will form multiple cords between the individuals involved.

Have you ever felt inexplicably "tied" to someone?

Etheric Cords & Cord Removal

Etheric cords help us to understand our feelings.

Etheric Cords perform an important function: they communicate our feelings back to us

They help us to make sense of our relationships


Human beings are unique among all the creatures on this planet. in that our experience here is a cerebral one.

Other species do not have to learn to understand their emotions. It happens automatically.

For us, it is different. Coming to grips with our emotional self is a long and difficult road, taking many lifetimes to master.

Etheric Cords help us in this process.

They take that raw emotion and make it more tangible for us.


Their presence allow us to understand that emotion on more than just an emotional level: it allows us to understand it on an intellectual level. 

Positive cords reassure us 

in times when our loved one is not there to tell us we are loved.

They remind us of this, ALL THE TIME, whether we are consciously aware of this message or not.

Pretty cool, right?

Negative cords are there to warn us

Their presence acts as a warning sign. They alert us to the fact that something is wrong and needs to be changed.

That nagging feeling you have: Listen to it. Trust it.

Etheric cords help up to understand our relationships

Etheric Cords aren't all bad,

Some are pretty damn great, as a matter of fact.

Positive cords are formed out of love and cannot be severed or removed. Ever. 

Let me be clear: I'm talking about real love - not attachment dressed up as love. The latter does tend to be confused with the former.

Positive cords exist thru the highest level of reality - way beyond physical incarnation. In other words, you can be linked to someone you have never met in this life, if you already have a love-bond on another level of existence. They are the reason "love at first sight" exists.

Negative cords are formed by the dysfunctional aspects within a relationship.


They develop:

  1. during negative situations

  2. from an over-reliance on someone, or something they have to offer (for example sex or security)

  3. any fear-based response to a relationship dynamic (for example abuse, addiction, depression or lack of forgiveness)

These cords, you can do without.

They impact your life in all sorts of ways,

and the specifics will be related to the nature of the cord itself.

Positive cords recharge your energy

because they are built around love. (Real) love is the highest frequency energy in existence and its very nature is to "expand" (but this is a topic for another day)

Negative cords drain your energy,

for a couple of reasons:

  1. They create negative feelings, which by their very nature drain your energy (but again: a topic for another day)

  2. They actually pull energy out of your body and deplete your energy field (your aura)

There are some common symptoms and characteristics of negative cords:


  • Exhaustion and chronic fatigue

  • Sporadic fear and/or anger (and the inability to control it)

  • Feelings of resentment towards the other person

  • Addiction-orientated coping responses (excessive drinking etc)

  • Destructive behavioral cycles within the relationship

  • Physical symptoms (for example, a sharp pain in that area of the body)

It's important to note that the presence of the above does not mean for sure that you DO have a negative cord - these symptoms are common to many other conditions. Always get yourself checked out by a Medical Professional. Don't just assume the symptoms are caused by a cord.

The only way to know for sure that you do have a cord, is to check your energy field

This is something that you can do yourself, through the use of a meditation technique. 

If you are a beginner to energy work and don't know how to do this - most healers are trained to locate Etheric Cords and can help you in this process. Myself, included.

Negative etheric cords can be severed or removed

How do we deal with negative cords?

It's simple: we cut the cord. Better yet, we remove the cord altogether.


And yes, there is a difference between the two:

  1. Cutting the cord is easier, but less effective because it tends to be temporary. Its roots are still there and it can eventually "glue itself back together".

  2. Removing the cord is about destroying its roots. It cannot reattach. This process is more complex and requires more skill with energy work.

Positive cords can never be severed and are not negatively affected by a cord-removal process.

Removing a negative cord does not mean the relationship also comes to an end

Rather, the negative emotional aspects associated with it are cleared.

What does this mean?

It means that the process liberates both parties to make better decisions, going forward

It empowers you to heal - or end - the relationship as you see fit.

What happens if you make the same choices as before? 

A new cord will form and the process will have to be repeated.

Etheric cord removal is not a magic cure. The process itself does not "fix" your relationship.


What it does do is facilitate the healing process. It pulls you out of that vicious cycle you are in, so that you can see it more clearly, as an impartial observer.

It gives you the opportunity to make better choices but it does not make those choices for you.

You have free will. Your choices are always your own.

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