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Etheric Cords & the 9D Perspective on Why Cord Cutting is NEVER a Good Idea

Dog walker with 4 happy dogs on leashes
Have you ever felt inexplicably "tied" to someone? What you are feeling are the effects of an Etheric Cord

What are Etheric Cords?

An Etheric Cord is exactly that: an energetic cord

It forms between two people and links them together after they have strongly bonded emotionally in some way.

You don't know this about me, but I refer to other species as "people", too - so what I really mean is that an etheric cord can form between any two living beings. It is not specific to species, and inter-species cords are very common. Energy doesn't care what species you are.

Their location is determined by the nature of the emotions involved

It will attach itself to the most appropriate place in your body, depending on the type of emotional connection it is related to.

This can be your chakras, your spinal column, your organs or any other place which is deemed appropriate.

Two people can have multiple cords connecting them

Etheric cords are about the emotional connection - that means that a relationship that is multifaceted, will form multiple cords between the individuals involved. A relationship with positive and negative aspects, will present positive and negative cords. You get the idea.

A group of girls playing jump rope
Etheric cords reinforce our relationships and help us to relate to other people

How are they created?

Etheric Cords aren't all bad - some are pretty damn great, as a matter of fact.

Positive cords are formed by love and can never be severed or removed.

Let me be clear: I'm talking about real love - not ego attachment dressed up as love. The latter does tend to be confused with the former.

Positive cords exist through all levels of reality - way beyond physical incarnation. In other words, you can be linked to someone you have never met in this life, if you already have a love-bond on another level of existence. Positive cords are the reason “true love at first sight" exists.

Negative cords are formed by the dysfunctional aspects of a relationship

They develop from karmic soul-contracts, or any kind of karmic energy really:

  • During negative situations

  • From an over-reliance on someone, or something they have to offer (eg. sex or security)

  • Any toxic element to a relationship dynamic (eg. manipulation, control, imbalance of power)

  • Any fear-based response to a relationship dynamic (eg. abuse, addiction, depression or lack of forgiveness, guilt, shame, etc.)

These cords, you can do without.

What is their purpose?

Etheric cords perform an important function:

They communicate our feelings back to us. They help us to make sense of our relationships, so that we can learn and grow from them. They play a critical role in the soul evolutionary process.

Human Beings are unique among all the creatures on this planet in that our experience here is a cerebral one.

​Other species do not have to learn to understand their emotions - it happens automatically. For us, it is different. Coming to grips with our emotional self is a long and difficult road, taking many lifetimes to master.

Etheric cords help us in this process: ​they take that raw emotion and make it more tangible for us. Their presence allow us to understand that emotion on more than just an emotional level: it allows us to understand it on an intellectual level. For a Human Being, this is a critical component to the healing process.

How do etheric cords communicate with us, exactly?

Positive cords reassure us

in times when our loved one is not there to tell us that we are loved. Their presence reminds us of this love connection, all the time, whether we are consciously aware of this message or not.

Pretty cool, right?

Rope anchoring a boat to the dock
Cords act as anchors to our loved ones, always reminding us of the presence of love, across all dimensions

Negative cords are there to warn us.

Their presence acts as a warning sign - which is a very strong form of protection, if you think about it. They alert us to the fact that something is wrong and needs to be changed. Maybe we need to work on healing an unhealthy aspect of our relationship, or maybe we simply have to end the relationship and move on.

​That nagging feeling you have: Listen to it. Trust it.

Cords impact your life in all sorts of ways, and the specifics will be related to the nature of the cord itself.

Positive cords recharge your energy

- because they are built around love. (Real) love is not an emotion at all, but rather the highest frequency energy in existence - and its very nature is to "expand" (but this is a topic for another day)

Negative cords drain your energy

For a couple of reasons:

  • They create negative feelings, which by their very nature drain your energy (but again: a topic for another day)

  • They actually pull energy out of your body and deplete your energy field (your aura)

Common symptoms, side effects and characteristics of negative cords:

  • Random unexplainable exhaustion, or chronic fatigue

  • Frequent or recurring illness

  • Sporadic fear, anxiety and/or anger (and the inability to control it)

  • Feelings of resentment towards the other person

  • Constantly feeling the need to vent to other people about your interactions with that person

  • Replaying interactions over and over again, in your mind

  • Addiction-orientated coping responses (excessive drinking, etc.)

  • Destructive behavioural cycles within the relationship

  • Unconsciously (unknowingly) taking on that person’s negative behavioural patterns (mimicking their toxic habits) even when they are not physically there with you

  • Feeling like you are in danger or that your wellbeing is threatened because of this person

  • Physical symptoms (for example, a recurring sharp pain in one area of the body)

It's important to note that the presence of the above does not mean for sure that you DO have a negative cord - many of these symptoms are common and can be attributed to other conditions also. Always get yourself checked out by a medical professional first. Examine all possible explanations. Don’t just assume the symptoms are caused by a cord.

The only way to know for sure that you do have a cord, is to:

  1. Check your energy field (your aura)

  2. Check the soul-relationship dynamics in the 6th dimension

3 hands, each holding a balloon string
Etheric cords are the middle-managers of the Multi-dimensional Relationship: they make the etheric dimensions more accessible to those who are in the physical world

Cords are a side effect of an emotional connection - NOT the source

Etheric cords are not the higher-dimensional source of your symptoms

Just like an illness has physical symptoms, higher-dimensional soul relationships and contracts have symptoms in the physical world, too. In other words:

1. etheric cords are created by the soul-dynamic - and then,

2. the physical-world symptoms are created by the etheric cord.

Etheric cords are the middle-management of the entire relationship process, basically, acting as a communication channel between the higher and lower dimensions, and making the higher dimensions more easily understood by those who are here in the physical world.

But, they are just the messengers - and there is always a higher issue to be addressed and dealt with. Always.

They are the physical-world manifestation of a soul-level relationship

Etheric cords exist to mirror our relationships and feelings back to us. They exist to show us which relationships are healthy and heading in the right direction, and which are not. They show us the next step of our healing journey.

They are the way in which a strong emotional bond or karmic agreement manifests itself energetically in the physical world. But that doesn’t mean that the situation ends there, because reality exists across non-physical dimensions too!

Everything that exists, has to have an energetic output across all dimensions. The energy of a soul connection manifests itself differently in each and every dimension. In the physical realms (the 3rd and 5th dimensions) soul-level relationships manifest themselves as cords. In the 6th dimension and higher, where soul-level relationships are formed, the situation is far more complex.

Let’s use a real-world situation as a metaphor, so that I can better explain what I mean:

Dog walker with 5 dogs on leashes
Etheric cords - and relationships - are complex!

Let’s think of these leashes as an etheric cords. In this case, the cord is both positive and negative: the leash serves to protect the dog, but it also takes the dog’s freedom and personal power from them, doesn’t it?

In other words, the cord (leash) signifies the relationship as being unequal in terms of balance of power: The Owner and Slave dynamic - and yes I know that not 100% of human-animal relationships are owner-slave in nature - but most are, unfortunately.

And the dog themselves are conflicted about the presence of the leash: on the one hand, they understand it comes from a good intention and they feel safe and protected - but on the other hand, their power and freedom has been taken away from them.

Like I said, it’s complicated and they are conflicted. And anyone who has ever seen a dog on a leash, knows what I’m talking about.

In the same way, you will find that two people bound by a negative cord, have within themselves, conflicting emotions regarding the relationship. From both sides.

Back to the metaphor:

But the leash is not the real issue, is it? Absolutely not. Take off the leash, and the Owner-Slave relationship dynamic remains. The cord (leash) was never the source of the dynamic, it is only one way in which the dynamic manifests itself in the physical world.

We cannot blame the leash for the unhealthy human-animal relationship dynamic - those toxic aspects were there long before the leash ever existed.

The same is true of negative cords.

Etheric cords are a consequence, NOT the cause, of a relationship dynamic. This is so so important - and if there is one thing you will take from this post, it should be this one point.

Going back to our “leash” metaphor: another thing to consider is the intention.

Sometimes this relationship dynamic, albeit unequal in nature, was built on pure intentions: love and a need to protect the other. And, sometimes, is not. We all know that not every human loves their dog. And not every human views the dog as their family or as their equal. Some do, some don’t.

In other words, the cord (leash) is often intended to be a tool for love and protection but at the same time it also diminishes the dog and dims their light. The dog is not free to be their authentic self, are they? For sure, no.

Just like this leash metaphor, etheric cords and soul relationships are complex and cords cannot be considered in isolation when analysing a relationship dynamic. Removing or cutting the cord (taking off the leash) changes nothing.

All factors relating the relationship need to be considered carefully if we are to find a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Person releasing rope swing and jumping into a lake
Releasing a negative emotional connection can bring a level of joy to your life you never thought possible

Right, so how do we deal with negative cords?

There is only ONE permanent solution: heal your karma

In other words, you have to clear the karmic energy that is related to the cord, or karmic soul-contract you have with that person, on a higher-dimensional level. In order to clear your negative cords, you must first heal the unresolved aspects within that connection that is causing the cord to exist in the first place.

It is the only way.

This means inner healing work, karmic clearing work, reinforcing of personal boundaries, and the possible severance of any related karmic contracts still in place. In other words, you need the assistance of someone who has access to the higher dimensions - specifically the 6th, because that’s the dimension dealing with karmic contracts.

That can be someone like me, because all my energy healing work does take place in the 6th-11th dimensions - and because I am a 9th Dimensional Being, I have the power and access to work with your karmic contracts, and to sever them if need be.

But, it doesn’t have to be me.

You can find another healer at my level or a similar level (it needs to be a 6D Ascended Master, or higher). You can also go it alone, and request the help of your Higher Self, your guides, Angels or any other Divine Beings that you work with. They can and will help you. Literally the only downside to this option is the communication issues involved.

Seriously guys: The assistance of the right healer is the best possible option, because it just really helps to have someone you can communicate with and who can offer detailed explanations and guidance.

But if that is not an option for you, I would recommend doing it alone with your spiritual support team, rather than opting for a simple quick-fix cord cutting procedure. Let’s talk about why cord cutting is such a bad idea.

Cord Cutting or Removal DOES NOT WORK

And I will go as far as saying that, in 2022 and given how much planetary energies have changed in the last decade or so, the procedure should be now considered a scam.

A quick glance through my website will immediately show you that I don’t offer cord cutting as a stand-alone service. I occasionally use this technique if the situation warrants it, but always in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of your soul relationships, karmic contracts, 6D blueprint, additional energy healing work, and so on. In fact, in the 10 years that my website has been active, I have never offered cord cutting or cord removal as a stand-alone service.

And I mean I could, if I wanted to. It’s certainly easy money and I receive a lot of requests. Cord cutting services continue to be a growing trend and I’ve seen them retailing upwards from $70 per cord - a service, incidentally, which would require no more than 1 minute of my time from start to finish.

Let’s just pause and take that in for a second: $70 or more, for a 1-minute job which serves no benefit to you. If that’s not a scam, I don’t know what is.

I could get rich off cord cutting services - and, I assure you, many people are doing just that.

I don’t offer a cord cutting service because it’s a complete waste of your money. Because 99% of the time it doesn’t work, and even if it does, the side effects can be pretty serious. Above all else, my interests lie in actually helping you.

I know my “scam” statement is helluva controversial and will trigger a lot of people. I also know that cord cutting is a tried-and-true technique that has been practiced and relied upon for millennia, on the Planet Earth. And let’s face it: the 3D human psyche does tend to cling to the belief system that the old ways of doing something are generally better. We are not a species that enjoys or embraces change.

Nonetheless, it needs to be said: it doesn’t work and you certainly won’t be seeing any 5th dimensional civilisations practicing it. Such a procedure would be considered laughable in 5D society, just for its utter futility and disregard for personal safety.

So how did it come to be used by Humanity, then?

You need to remember that, before 2012 or thereabouts, the Planet Earth was firmly rooted to the 3rd dimension - and the 3rd dimension is far removed from the 6th. 6D is the lowest dimensional level from which soul-relationship information may be accessed, or where karmic contracts may be severed from.

A 3D Human Being does not have access to 5D, much less 6D - and in a 3rd-dimensional society, cord cutting or removal was simply the only feasible option available. People have been using this technique for millennia because they were making do with the meagre dimensional access they had, not because it was an ideal or effective solution.

So my question is this: in 2022, should you be making do with meagre 3rd dimensional healing tools, when there are better 5D or 6D options available today?

For me the answer is clear.

Person pulling on a rope
3D & 4D Energy work is not the most effective option anymore

Why doesn’t it work?

Because, etheric cords are the physical-world manifestation on a higher-dimensional relationship. You do not have the power - none of us do - to simply sever your karmic contract at will, without first working through the issues and doing the healing work required.

You are here to heal, grow and evolve - and cord cutting is tantamount to problem-avoidance - which in itself, carries karmic implications. You read that right: attempting to cut a cord prematurely will actually add to your karmic baggage - because, by its very nature, the attempt signifies a misalignment of thoughts-feelings-actions-beliefs.

The human belief that one can simply make a problem “go away” without putting in some actual effort to resolve it, is pure denialism and actually, energetically harmful. Cord cutting / cord removal is a quick-fix solution, and quick-fix solutions do not work.

That higher-dimensional relationship dynamic is there for a reason. If you want to clear the cord you must first resolve the underlying reason. You do that by healing yourself and the related karmic energy: by changing your perspectives and belief-systems, reinforcing your boundaries, and so on.

If the source connection has not been dealt with or healed, cord cutting or removal will not help you. If anything, the negative situation can be greatly exacerbated.

Side effects and symptoms after Cord Cutting or Removal

This is reason #2 for why cutting a cord is never a good idea.

The side effects of cord cutting or removal can range from nothing at all, all the way to life-threatening - and the degree of severity of the side effects you will experience from the procedure, depends on a combination of three factors:

  1. The volume of unresolved karmic energy directly related to that cord

  2. How much of the process is permitted by your Higher Self

  3. The intention, skillset and experience level of the Cord Cutter

Let’s go through these factors, one by one

Factor #1: The volume of unresolved karmic energy related to that cord

It’s important to remember that etheric cord cutting or removal is not a magic cure. The process itself does not "fix" your relationship. What it can do, is facilitate the karmic healing process. It temporarily pulls you out of that vicious cycle you are in, so that you can see it more clearly, and act accordingly.

And it does this, through a systematic forced karmic clearing. That doesn’t sound nice, does it? It really isn’t.

Negative cords, although they may not feel like it, are a form of energetic protection, in the sense that they warn you to the existence of a problem, but at the same time, offer a kind of buffer to the karmic release process. They allow the karmic energy to be worked through and healed in a timeframe that feels natural and comfortable to you.

So what I’m saying is that negative cords give you that gentle nudge you need to work on your karmic energy, but they don’t force the process. YOU get to choose how and when you release the karma.

Person using rope during mountain climbing
Negative cords offer a level of protection through the karmic healing process

However, any attempts that you make to sever that protection prematurely (i.e. cut the cord) can and will have consequences, as the karmic contract in the 6D attempts to “catch-up” to the cord cutting procedure in the 3D.

When you do a cord cutting procedure, you are essentially severing the lifeline you had to a gentle and comfortable healing process, and telling spirit that you do, in fact, want the karmic energy forcibly removed ASAP, from all levels of reality (at every dimensional level).

And spirit will comply, if your Higher Self feels it is in your best interest to agree to the process. That karmic contract will attempt to sever itself as quickly as possible, without considering your need for gentle resolution or timing nor the effect that resolution will have on your physical reality.

Karmic resolution is always emotionally, psychologically or physically difficult. We all know this. And I do think that this is a big reason for why it needs to happen at your own comfortable pace. Divine timing is there for your protection.

By cutting the cord, you are communicating to spirit that a natural pace is unimportant to you and that you rather want the process to happen as quickly as possible. And that you are willing to accept the side effects of that: which could be literally anything at all.

If you happen to be dealing with a large volume of karmic energy relating to that cord, a forced clearing of that karma can have catastrophic effects on your reality.

And, yeah, ultimately: the result will be positive because your karmic contract/energy will be cleared. The journey to get there, however, will be pretty damn rough, and as a worst-case scenario: life threatening. I do think it’s important to understand that, and what you are signing up for.

Factor #2: How much of the process is permitted by your Higher Self

The human technique of cord cutting takes place at 3rd and 4th dimensional level only and, without the permission of your Higher Self, will have no effect whatsoever on the higher-dimensional world.

There are many possible reasons for why your Higher self may choose not to allow the cord cutting process to follow through in the higher dimensions - a notable reason is: for your much-needed protection.

The best-case scenario outcome of the cord-cutting process

- i.e. your Higher Self disallows this forced karmic clearing chain-reaction from taking place. This is, I would say, the most common outcome of cord cutting and what most people will experience from the procedure - so let’s take a look at how it plays out via the perspective of the different dimensions:

  • 3rd/4th Dimension: Success! The cord is gone.

  • 5th Dimension: Hmmm… Temporary breakage, but the cord is already starting to repair or growing back together within seconds after cutting/removal. 3D and 4D don’t know it yet, but the cord is on its way back to them and it will reappear anytime from a few minutes to a few days/weeks.

  • 6th Dimension: Nada. Absolutely nothing happened.

  • 9th Dimension: You’re focusing on the wrong thing. The cord is not the problem. It was never the problem. It is there to show you that something is wrong in your relationship and that you need to focus on your healing. Heal your relationships, heal yourself. The cord will disappear on its own when you done with your healing.

Frayed rope
Most of the time, your Higher Self will not permit cord cutting across all dimensions

What’s the worst-case scenario in terms of side effects or symptoms?

Auric bleeding, coupled with a truly hardcore (and unsupervised) karmic-cleansing chain reaction. And those are two of the worst things you can experience in the physical world, as they each have the potential to be life-threatening.

I’m not saying this is a common outcome of the cord cutting procedure, but it is the worst-case scenario - and it can and does happen from time to time.

Auric bleeding is exactly what the term implies: your aura is bleeding. You are losing energy, losing your control over both your consciousness and physical body, losing power over yourself and your life.

Your aura is the energetic projection of your consciousness - i.e. it’s pretty important for your wellbeing - and if it is damaged the effects can be debilitating. Symptoms can be physical, emotional or psychological and can range from mild to life-threatening. Take those negative symptoms you were experiencing before the procedure, and magnify them by a 100, or a 1000. That’s the worst-case scenario.

It’s important to remember,

Cord Cutting / Removal is a form of Energetic Surgery.

Energetic or otherwise, surgery results in bleeding 100% of the time.

You wouldn’t go get an appendectomy from someone who just left you there on the operating table to simply bleed out afterwards? Of course you wouldn’t. And yet, people allow this to happen to themselves all the time in the form of stand-alone cord cutting/removal services.

Your aura may repair itself quickly, or it may not - the timeline is different for everyone. In very rare cases, it never repairs itself and results in death or mental illness. But, it shouldn’t even come to that. Just like any other surgery, there are several critical steps that need to happen simultaneously during the cord cutting process.

If I cannot dissuade you from getting the procedure done, at the very least please always do your research in terms of who you entrust this process. It needs to be someone who is very experienced with energetic surgery.


Factor #3: The intention, skillset and experience of the Cord Cutter

I will share a little story from my past, to illustrate my point:

It was about 10-12 years ago, and I was chatting with a girl in an online chat group. The topic of Cord Removal came up and she asked me to explain to her, how to remove cords from her own body - which I did do, because, well… 🤦‍♀️

Literally a few days later, I came across her website - on which she was suddenly offering cord cutting services for a huge chunk of change.

I think the point I’m making is pretty clear, but I will state it nonetheless:

Just because someone is positioning themselves as an Etheric Cord Cutter:

  1. Does not mean they know what they are doing or have any experience

  2. Does not mean they have your best interest at heart - I mean, cord cutting is really easy money

And look, I’m really not saying that every Cord Cutter is out there deliberately trying to scam you. I prefer to think that (for the most part) people genuinely believe this technique works, and they legitimately want to help. They’ve been told it works, and in the 3D or 4D they can see it working. Even in 2022, most human beings cannot access 5D without significant effort, and the higher nature of the cord cutting process is not visible to them at all.

I completely get why they think this is an effective and reliable healing technique. But, they are seeing the process from a lower-dimensional perspective only without considering the big picture and are, sadly, misguided in that belief that the procedure has any lasting benefits. Or that it’s safe. It just doesn’t, and it just isn’t.

Closing thoughts

If cord cutting was a legit solution, this entire planet would have been free of karmic soul-contracts millennia ago. But, as with all aspects of inner growth and healing, establishing healthy relationship dynamics does require some actual conscious effort on our part - and is never as simple as picking up a metaphorical pair of scissors.