my healing techniques:

Energy Upgrade & Realignment

What is energy upgrade?

This is commonly referred to as "spiritual activation",

however, I prefer to use the term "upgrade" because, personally,  I find the word "activation" to be somewhat misleading.

The process of spiritual awakening is not an overnight, "once-off" experience. Nobody suddenly wakes up to be a different person. Change and growth happens through hard work, in many stages, and over a period of time.

As you awaken and grow, your Chakras do too.

The Chakra is not standard in its strength and size.


Their stage of evolution is determined by the level of your consciousness.

At the same time, they also govern the level of your consciousness as well your capacity to reach higher states of consciousness through focused effort (for example, meditation).

These two statements seem contradictory, right?


In fact there is a symbiotic relationship which exists between your Chakras and your consciousness. Each are dependent on the other and each grow and expand independently, but also together. 

"Upgrade" or "activation" is the alteration and strengthening of one (or all) of your Chakras to their next available stage of evolution.

This is not a standard "one size fits all" procedure, although it has been largely marketed as such. 

We are each of us unique in the path that we are on. Our Chakras are there to facilitate that path. One size does not fit all. Our Chakras are not standard, and neither is their path of evolutionary growth.

Your Chakras are perfectly capable of doing this expansion on their own.

They do NOT require "activation" or "upgrade" via a 3rd party. They are built for this. It is one of their inherent functions.

It will just take them a little longer to get there, that's all.


So, if I (or someone else) does it on your behalf, the process takes minutes or days, rather than the weeks or months it would take in a regular setting. You will also experience fewer of the emotional side-effects that come hand-in-hand with Chakra evolution.

If I see an opportunity for expansion during our sessions, I will take that opportunity every time, because a stronger Chakra means a stronger body and mind, and why wait if you don't have to, right?

Where does energy realignment come in?

The human body is in a perpetual struggle to remain energetically balanced.

This, while being a natural byproduct of spiritual and energetic growth, is not ideal, because it leads to physical, mental and emotional side effects.


The side effects are dependent on the type of imbalance, and can range from extremely minor to very uncomfortable. They're very unlikely to be physically threatening, though.


There are different types of energetic imbalances:


Some common examples: 

  • Inter-Chakra (for example, Crown Chakra vs. Root Chakra) 

  • Front vs. back of a specific Chakra

  • Grounding 

  • Energetic self vs. physical self

  • Emotional self vs. Mental self vs. Physical self

  • Subconscious self vs. Conscious self