my healing techniques:

Energy Medicine

Think about the last time you took prescription medication:

Let's say, for example, that you had a sinus infection,

Did you take a non-specific pill - say, Asprin? Or did you take medication that is specifically designed to treat your symptoms?

Probably the latter, right?

Sure, Asprin is a great non-specific pill that helps to treat pain and inflammation, and in time it will help you to heal. But you can bet that it will take longer to get the job done, right?

On the other hand, take an antihistamine and a mucolytic, and you're gonna feel better in no time. 

This is because these medications are specifically targeting your sinus infection. Your body doesn't have to figure out what to do with the pills after you swallow them because they have been designed to do one job, and one job only: they go straight to the source of the problem. 

Why should energy medicine be any different?

have the unique ability to create and mold energy into whatever form I want it to take,

and I use this ability to treat your illness or condition is the most effective way possible.

My unique method allows me to work with energy that has been designed specifically for your body and for your illness or condition - just like any other form of medication would be. 


It also allows me to create energy that targets things that a prescription pill would not be able to do in a conventional setting, because higher dimensional energy has fewer limitations. In other words, I can create energy to target problems that there is no known treatment for.

In short, it allows me extreme flexibility and reach in terms of what I can do to help you heal:)

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