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Energetic Blueprint Alteration

What is an Energetic Blueprint?

Everything in existence has an energetic source. Including, your physical body.

Let's start at the beginning:

Before you are born, your soul designs who you will be: your place and time of birth, your physical appearance, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses.

Everything about you is designed to fulfill one purpose: to achieve maximum growth potential in the area that your soul wants to focus on, at this time.

Your body is designed in such a way as to best achieve that goal: that growth that your soul is looking for. So, let's say for instance, that your soul wants to experience illness at this time. This means that your body will be purposefully designed with flaws to create that illness. Nothing happens by accident.

Your energetic blueprint is not the same thing as your aura:

Your aura is your consciousness. (For more info on this, check out my post on the subject here.)

Your blueprint is the underlying design behind your personality and your physical body. There are an infinite number of levels to this design. Some are permanent and can never be altered. Some are more flexible, and can.

What part does it play in your healing sessions?

Your physical body is a "copy" of your energetic blueprint design.

That means that if something exists in your blueprint (or doesn't exist), whatever your blueprint looks like, your body looks the same.

It also means that when you make changes to your blueprint, the same changes will manifest physically in your body.

It doesn't happen overnight "like magic" - the physical world has to obey the laws of physics. 

What happens is that slowly, over time, the cells in your body adapt and make the necessary adjustments. Every cell in your body is dying and being replaced, all the time. As new cells are created, they are created to copy your blueprint design.

All major physical changes have to take place in the blueprint, first.

It isn't enough to just work on the body itself, or only on the chakras.

The blueprint is the first critical step in making lasting, significant changes to your physical self.