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Tools for your ascension journey from the 9D Hathor & Archangel Michael consciousness

Demystifying Aura Protection: A How-To/Why-To Guide

Little girl blowing bubbles, and surrounded by bubbles. My metaphor for auric care.
Auric care is self care!

You've heard it all before. We all have an aura, it kinda looks like a giant egg around our bodies…and so on.

But does that really answer your questions? Questions like: What IS it EXACTLY? Why is it there? Why does it need protecting? And, what is best way of doing that?

I'm going to answer those questions, right now.

What is the aura?

Simply put: it is your physical consciousness.

The aura is the energetic projection of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds.

This means that whatever is going on inside of you: your thoughts, beliefs, unresolved issues, the way you experience your emotions - all of it - is being projected out into the world via your aura.

And it works both ways:

Whatever is in your aura right now can absorb back into your physical body via your unconscious (unknowing) mind - and it can, and will, affect you on a physical, emotional or mental health level.

Why do we have an aura? What is its function?

Off the top of my head, there are three good reasons for why our consciousness has energetic form:

  • Everything that exists must have an energetic imprint. This is just basic physics. If your consciousness didn’t have an energetic output it would mean that it - you - don’t exist.

  • It serves as the bridge between our incarnated self (that means YOU) and your highest dimensional self (your SOUL). It links us to our soul - almost like an umbilical cord - so that we can communicate with our soul directly (e.g. meditation) or indirectly (e.g sleep). Your physical body cannot survive without a daily "sync" with your soul, this is the primary reason for sleep. Your chakras are part of your aura, and they keep that whole syncing system up and running. There are thousands of chakras all over your aura - not just seven.

  • It is a form of interpersonal communication that has not been “discovered” or named yet. All living things on this planet are communicating with each other via auric contact - the transfer of energy from one aura to another. It is a universal, energetic, "language" that we all understand on a subconscious level - regardless of who/what we are and where we come from. It is the reason people with a higher sensitivity to energy are able to pick up so much about a person, just by being physically near them. They have a better conscious understanding of this method of communication - it is that simple.

Managing what we allow to enter our personal space is our own responsibility

By default, your aura is completely porous - which means that any external energy you come into contact with on a daily basis, is partially imprinted into your aura.

Auric Contact = Energy Transfer

This energy can come from the people you encounter during the day, other animals, or the planet itself. Even inanimate objects can transfer energy imprints onto you, if they themselves are imprinted by someone else.

Once something is in your aura, it can be absorbed into your physical body via your unconscious mind.

That means that, by default, you are essentially contaminating your own unconscious with the unresolved issues - and emotions - of everyone you are coming into contact with.

It makes it that much harder for you to resolve your own stuff, because it can, and does, cloud your judgement.

If you are not protecting your aura, you are carrying everyone else’s baggage as well as your own

When we protect our aura, we are not cutting ourselves off from the people around us and we are not saying that we don’t care about them. Of course we care.

All that we are doing is maintaining healthy boundaries. We are keeping our power firmly where it belongs: with us.

You can’t help anyone if you do not first help yourself. Protecting your aura will empower you to become less reactionary and to have better control over yourself in general.

It will improve your life because it will allow you to make better decisions.

That benefits you AND it benefits everyone around you, too.

How do we protect our aura?

The best way to do this is on your own and with no external higher dimensional assistance.

Why? Because it will empower you to master your own consciousness. This is a very important step towards spiritual growth.

So how do we do that? Through a visualisation technique.

Why does it work?

Because - your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind and has more influence over what is in your aura.

So, when we want to make a change to our aura, we do it by sending our unconscious mind an instruction to do so.

But, our unconscious mind prioritises pictures over words. This is where visualisation comes in - we are communicating to our unconscious mind what we want it to project into our aura, in the language that it understands best.

Your unconscious mind will do ANYTHING you tell it to do, provided you are communicating your message clearly

That means: if you have a good imagination and visualise easily, an aura protection technique should be a piece of cake.

But if visualisation is a challenge for you, remember: it gets easier with practice. The key is to concentrate on the task at hand and to believe in what you are doing. You will still get it done.

What are the best tools for auric protection?

There are a lot of different options available out there, but I have found these two to be the best of the best for 3rd/4th/5th dimensional energy work (which is likely where you are).

1. White Light

White light is pure positive energy.

We live in a world of duality: there are positive and negative polarities all around us.

Popular culture has perpetuated this idea that negative energy is very powerful and something to be at war with and to be fought. Evil is depicted as being stronger than Good.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Negative energy has a very powerful effect on us, yes, but the truth is that it is much weaker than positive energy. And very easy to clear away.

All it really takes is exposing it to light.

Think about when you walk into a dark room and the way the light just floods the place when you turn the light on:

It's not a struggle. It happens in an instant.

That's a pretty good visual representation of what happens in your aura when you introduce white light into it.

White light is a great tool for clearing away external energetic pollutants. Simple, easy to visualize and oh-so-efficient.

Now, for your internal pollutants (your psychological issues and what-not), you need something a little stronger:

2. The Violet Flame

Really, I could dedicate an entire post to this beautiful creature (and maybe I will one of these days) but for now I'll try to keep it simple:

The Violet Flame is exactly what its name suggests: It is a violet fire, but this is an energetic fire and not harmful in any way. In fact, I find it quite cool to the touch.

It is the most powerful form of positive energy that is easily accessible at this level of reality - i.e. you don't need to be skilled in dimensional travel and you don't have to go looking for it.

It can be created with visualisation. By anyone.

It does more than simply clear away negative energy: it transforms it into positive energy.

This means that you can use it on all your internal stuff: negative emotions you cannot shake, stress, anxiety, fear, karmic energy you are ready to release. Anything you can think of.

Most online information will tell you that the Violet Flame can only be created with the assistance of higher dimensional help, for example Archangel Michael.

You may do so if you wish - but the truth is that it's not necessary. You absolutely can do it on your own. It is free and available to all.

In summary:

Use white light and the Violet Flame together, and you get one hell of an energetic detox.

Want to learn how to do it?

My aura protection method is impenetrable to negative energies.

Now, I’m about as sensitive to energy as it is possible to be - I can feel my aura as though it were solid. I spent a long time coming up with a technique that can work for someone like me - I have been using this particular one for years now and it has NEVER failed me. So I can pretty much guarantee: it will work for you, too. Learn how to do it right, and it will change your life ❤️

On a side note:

What NOT to do: Cleansing your aura with one specific color

Every color in the color spectrum carries a unique energetic imprint: a corresponding energy specific to that color. And ONLY that specific energy type.

For example: if you are looking for energy relating to communication, you will be wanting the color: Blue.

When you visualize a specific color into your aura, you are actually "programming" your energy to be more aligned with the energetic traits associated with that color. For instance, sweeping it with blue may help you if you are working on improving your communication abilities in your daily life.

There are many advantages to working with colors in your aura, but cleansing is not one of them.

For the purposes of cleansing, stick to white. It encompasses ALL colors and the full energetic spectrum and it will do a better job at clearing and balancing your energy. I promise.