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Chakras: What They Are & Why You Need Them

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience - made possible by our Chakras

The Chakras are energy centers which exist within the body and keep it alive

Most people only talk about Humans having them but, in fact, every sentient being in the universe - if it has a physical presence (a body) - has Chakras.

The Human consciousness perceives them as spinning discs or wheels (hence their name "Chakra": the Sanskrit word for "wheel").

People with high levels of clairvoyance perceive them as having "petals" or "spokes". Each Chakra looks different because it is uniquely shaped by the type of energy it transmits.

Chakras extend through the body and aura, and most (but not all) have a front and back, which have different psychological properties. The front of each Chakra deals with what you project out into the world, while the back deals with what you take in from your environment.

Diagram side view: Chakras extend through the body

Where are they?

Most of the literature out there talks about the 7 major Chakras, but in reality you have hundreds of Chakras all over your body and in your aura.

But let's be serious. Unless you're a professional healer or extremely serious about your spiritual path, it's impractical to worry about every single Chakra. It's also unrealistic in terms of time-management. (That being said, personally I disagree that only 7 Chakras are "major" these days. But more about that, later...)

Diagram: Location of the 7 Major Chakras

You don't need to be clairvoyant to know they're there:

You can physically feel them, in your body.

Yep, that's right: you can feel your Chakras.

Some people can feel the actual spinning sensation, but to most people it feels like a heat or pressure in the area, perhaps even a rush of energy or a wave-like sensation.

If you're one of the people who has experienced this, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you're not: you'd be surprised, but you probably have felt it and just didn't make the connection.

Modern society trains us to think of Chakras as a supernatural concept. So, when we feel something physical that we perceive as a "normal feeling", our brains do not make the connection between the two.

But, there's nothing supernatural about it: the Chakras are a part of your body - of course you can feel them with your senses! That pressure in your chest when you feel deep love (or pain)? That pressure in your throat when you feel profound joy (or depression)? That's you, feeling your Chakras in action!

With practice (via meditation techniques), your senses quickly become more attuned to these sensations and, as they become more refined, you begin to pick up on the subtle nuances of energy flow coming off your body.

And, as you become more aware of and comfortable with the sensation, it becomes so commonplace that it integrates into your normal daily life without a second thought.

And that, my friends, is when the magic really begins: because you learn to work with your Chakras. You learn how to use them for the purposes they are designed for:)

What are they there for?

You actually exist across multiple dimensions all at the same time.

There are an infinite number of separate identities and experiences happening at each of these levels of reality, all linking back to your soul. You are so many things all at the same time, whether or not you consciously experience or remember it.

Your Chakras are there to keep the lower levels tethered together and to allow them to interact, with each other and with the higher levels. The higher levels do not require Chakras because they are able to naturally interact.

Diagram: The dimensions (levels of consciousness)
So what do they do, exactly?
  • They allow you to have a physical presence in this dimension (i.e. a body, here on Earth)

In other words, they keep you connected to your soul, and also allow your life force to continue to flow to your physical body. Which keeps your physical body alive. This is why, as our Chakras become blocked, we inevitably also become physically or psychologically ill.

  • They move energy from your soul to your physical body

This is not only to keep your body alive, but also to transfer soul-level knowledge and cellular memory (what we call intuition and instinct).

Without this we would struggle to function on this plane of existence for very long. For example, a brand new soul (containing no experience or cellular memory) doesn't even survive the birth process here.

Your soul much more complex than your physical presence is and is able to multi-task much better than your body can:) In order to move energy in such a way that the physical presence can understand and cope with, it breaks consciousness down into categories, so to speak. Each chakra is responsible for its own category.

  • They also move energy from your physical body back to your soul

Higher dimensions have no duality (positive vs negative energy). This means that there is also no opportunity for your soul's expansion - a soul has to experience duality in order to learn and grow.

As we experience physical life in this dimension, we collect learning and experience which is absorbed back into our soul consciousness. Which allows it to expand.

  • They absorb energy from your environment (as well as from other people)

This has advantages and disadvantages and it's important for us to maintain some responsibility over our personal space - to embrace positive exposure and limit negative exposure to our energetic environment. Check out my related post Demystifying Aura Protection for more info on this topic.

  • They act as wormholes/portals

Not to sound all science fiction here, but when utilized correctly they allow you to move through space and time within the confines of your own soul consciousness. Which is VAST. Our Chakras can be used to explore it in its entirety. They allow us access across the full scope of our existence (the past, the future as well as the inter-dimensional experiences that we have)

As entertaining as this sounds (and it can be very entertaining sometimes), it does serve a practical purpose - it provides us with an opportunity to learn more about who we are, the path that we are on, and how we came to be on that path.

Simply put, it provides us with knowledge which helps us in our development and assists us to make better-informed decisions in our day-to-day lives.

The Chakras are directly related to your physical and psychological well-being:

Blocked Chakras are not the source of an illness but the first symptom. They provide us with a way to diagnose and treat illness by communicating to us the underlying source and how to fix it

​A Chakra can become blocked for many reasons, but the reason is always psychological. As a Chakra becomes blocked, the corresponding area of the body is weakened because soul-energy is not flowing correctly to it, which allows it to become susceptible to primary and secondary illness or injury.

A severely blocked Chakra usually results in a psychological condition.

The 7 Major Chakras are considered to be "major" because, between them, they control and support every physical and psychological area that is critical to 3rd and 4th dimensional life (the typical level of consciousness on Earth):

Infographic: 7 Major Chakras - physical and psychological associations

The hundreds of minor Chakras, although also important, support bodily parts/functions that won't necessarily kill you. In other words, they are only considered to be minor because they are not critical to your survival.

So, in terms of personal, physical healing, it is possible to just concentrate on these 7 Chakras, with great results.

The 7 Chakras do not, however, support the full awakening process into 5th dimensional consciousness, which is a process that around 90% of the global population is currently undertaking.

So, in terms of modern psychological healing and/or navigating the awakening process into higher states of consciousness, it gets more complex than 7 Chakras.

Watch this space for more info on that subject, it's coming soon:)