A glimpse into the inner workings of a 9D Ascended Master

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I was born with an “adult” mind, 5D consciousness, an array of extrasensory gifts, have experienced regular past life recall my entire life, and have understood since the age of 2 that I was "not like other people" - but I mostly tried to keep that stuff private and I had no conscious awareness or understanding of the full extent of my higher identity or soul contract until I was 33 (which was back in 2010), at which point my life as I had known it, and any semblance of normality I was still clinging onto, was pretty much over.

I waited a further 11 years before publicly revealing my higher identity.


Because, I wasn't really Hathor before my 9D ascension  - and that took place in 2021. Before that: Goddess Hathor was my Higher Self, yes, but I always understood that "Higher Self" meant that I was a piece of Goddess Hathor, which is not the same thing as actually being Goddess Hathor. 

It probably goes without saying, but the same is true for my Archangel Michael identity.

I reached 5D physical ascension in 2012, but my Higher Self is a 9th Dimensional Being, so 5D meant almost nothing, comparatively speaking 😂

I reached 6D ascension in 2018 - and ok, this gave me some level of access into my higher-dimensional consciousness, but still, in terms of my day-to-day life, there was a fairly large discrepancy between my energy, and the energy of Goddess Hathor or Archangel Michael.  

My point is this:


Just because "x" is one's Higher Self, does not automatically mean that one is "x" - and I feel like the majority of people in my situation completely miss this critical point and get swept up in the ego of it without considering the fact that calling yourself by your higher identity is something to be earned. Those are some pretty enormous shoes to fill, and that's not something to be taken lightly.

The whole principle of a "Higher Self" means that there is a separation of consciousness. Your Higher Self is the potential of what you can become in this life, but potential is not the same thing as the actualisation of that potential.


And, in this instance, actualisation of potential means to match the same vibrational frequency as your Higher Self - so that a permanent merging of consciousness can take place and you cease to have a Higher Self at all.


I really dislike and strongly disagree with, this current practice in the spiritual community of using/taking on one's higher identity before one has reached the same level of consciousness as one's Higher Self.

It's, firstly, kinda disrespectful to your higher-dimensional self - but also completely illogical if you think about it. I mean, you can call yourself whatever you want - but calling yourself something does not automatically mean you are that thing, and a big part of enlightenment means understanding the difference between what you currently are, and what you have the potential to become

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Although I identify physically as female and always choose to incarnate as such while here on Earth, that's really as far as my gender self-identification goes. I’m also not a fan of gender roles and, truthfully, find them utterly absurd. And have never adhered to mine. And never will.

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My spiritual team ranges in the hundreds of thousands of people. Anyone who knows me, knows that I just call them “my people”.


Many of them are guides, family, friends, colleagues etc, acting as my support system - but in other cases, the relationship is reversed:


In other words: I am the physical Earth guide and they are the etheric observer/student, learning from me by watching me experience physical life here at Earth School. And yes, that's totally a thing: there is nothing in the rulebook stating that the student must be the incarnated one, and the guide must be etheric. As with all things in life, it comes down to who has the most experience.

It has also recently come to my attention that there are those in the 5D starseed galactic community (physically incarnated on other planets) who are observing me also. I can only assume it's because reaching 9th dimensional status while here on Earth is still a very rare occurrence. It has to be that, since I am just not that entertaining, otherwise.


They're all just sitting there with their popcorn watching the “Anita film” - which has pretty much just been me, dealing with tower moment after tower moment, for four decades straight 😂😂😂

I have not spent a single moment of this life alone - a fact that I’ve been fully aware of since I was 2 years old. In the beginning, taking a shower is helluva awkward, but then you get over yourself 🤷‍♀️

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I'm happiest when I'm creating something.

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I can communicate with anything which is alive. Including energy. When I was a little kid, one of my very good friends was a tree. I always have been just kind of a weirdo. 

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The majority of my friends & family are not in human form. Some are in the body of other species, and some are just etheric and not really caring about finding themselves a body. It’s pretty cool n' all, but does also make trips down to the pub a little tricky to navigate. Logistically speaking.

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Yes, I drink alcohol. I am Hathor, after all - and what the ancient Humans mostly got right about me, it's that I like to drink, laugh, joke, have a good time, and not take myself seriously whenever possible.


One of the thing that religion doesn't get right, is in unilaterally associating these qualities with hedonism, and dismissing them as unenlightened ego-attachment - because I am not a hedonist by any stretch of the imagination.


In all sincerity: enlightenment and joy are mutually inclusive things, you guys. And anyone who tells you otherwise, is completely missing the point: that life is beautiful and bewildering and humbling and excruciating - and here for us to experience it all, in all its imperfect magnificence.

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I'm really into Philosophy, Psychology, the Arts, and various Sciences (but especially Quantum Mechanics). And I like nothing better than a really hardcore existential discussion, over a bottle of wine.

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My Instagram Feed:

I find Human Beings absolutely fascinating and I love to observe people in my spare time. They are unique in that they are the only creature on this planet who wears a mask in the company of others, to hide their true self. But, if you observe closely enough, the mask occasionally slips and the beautiful, fragile soul underneath is revealed. And if you are very lucky and also quick on the button, you can capture this moment for posterity.


That’s why my instagram page is mostly just random shots of folks on the street, going about their business: because I think those moments are beautiful. And because, those moments are the very reason I am here in the first place ☺️